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I have became fascinated with Science in my early childhood. It came from the first glance through the microscope at Paramecium. Since that time I have shown a pertinacity to learn about the world imperceptible by human eyes. As I got older I have had keen interest in Botany and Genetics. I have read many scientific publications from BioMed Central Publisher within the scope of my interests.

Before High School I had achieved a title of Laureate of Biology Contest at Voivodeship level and I got to the final of French Contest. I bought a microscope, due to an award founded by the president of the city as an 'acknowledgment for outstanding and prosperous scientific accomplishments', so I have started to conduct observations of literally everything around me. During High School with an academic profile I took part in inspiring lectures and laboratories at the Universities of Medical Sciences, Technology and Life Sciences. They brightened up my aims and in result directed my focus on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Molecular Sciences. The wide range of possibilities that these fields can be used in daily life astonishes me every day. Set together they allow to develop innovative drugs, vaccines and modify plants and animals in order to increase their productivity.

The recent benefit I find curious and useful is modification of veggies and fruits, what enables to produce more phytocompounds, the substances necessary in healthy diet. The bioactive food is used in treatment of diseases of modern society. There is an enormous potential in callus induction, tissues cultures and intensification of secondary plant metabolism. These technologies are used in Pharmacy to obtain the chemical compounds from medicinal plants with a therapeutic significance for human. Even the agriculture may profit from Biotechnology by cultivation the plant modified in terms of the resistance to the adverse environmental factors of pathogens. My curiosity led to to the Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Plant Biotechnology at the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, where in October I finished a one-month long practice. I had an opportunity to assist in planning and conducting the research and work in the laboratory.

The internship enabled me the recognition of student and professional life. Participating in the research was an invaluable experience that gave me a motivation to further developing my knowledge and skills. I increased my ability to analyze and solve biological problems, formulate and consider scientific theories and critical analyze of research literature. As a person I am ambitious, organized, solid and inquisitive. During work I think creatively and strive for the best. The teamwork is the most satisfying and efficient form of cooperation for me. I like to discuss and compare different points of view. Respecting views of others makes me suitable for leading the group but also carrying out the tasks assigned only to me.

Studying at university will be a continuation of my life passion. The progress in Science is continually proceeding and it would be wonderful to take part in it. After graduation I have considered career in research institute, biotechnology or microbiology industry developing vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Beyond my academic interests I am bound up with sport, which has its own place in my daily agenda. I train long distance running few times a week since I was 12 years old. My best scores are the proof of my hard training.

The workouts in the gym motivate me to perfecting my body, what gives me physical and mental strength. I am also interested in languages- I speak English, French and I am learning Russian. Languages abolish boundaries between people and open myself to the world. These two sports and fondness for languages strengthen my personality, showing that with a good attitude, motivation, specified goals and hard work I can achieve my aims in private, student and professional life.

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