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My dream is to be part of an investigation team that will lead not only to finding palliative solutions to those in pain but also to participate in discovering permanent ones. From an early age, I have been in contact with people suffering from genetic diseases and disabilities. Watching them overcome their day-to-day difficulties and how they kept their hopes and spirits alive has moved me. However, their pain and suffering still lay beneath and this constant awareness of suffering has led me towards my interest in Biotechnology. My childhood interest in science fiction, including ideas of instant healing and regenerative limbs pushed me to discover more, looking up new theories and discoveries, which later evolved into the searching for Biotechnology based summer camps and conferences and a subscription to the online journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC).

Last summer I had the opportunity to attend a pre-college Biotechnology course at the "Universidad Francisco DE Vitoria" (UFV) in Madrid. It was there that I was able to extract and isolate DNA by using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) procedure and electrophoresis giving me an insight to laboratory work. I also made my first transgenic bacteria by inserting the green fluorescent protein (GFP) into E. coli. Getting that extra lab time and familiarising myself with university equipment was remarkable. Owing to the lack of biotechnological conferences in Spain, I also follow Nivcast in which Dr.Robert Langer has appeared. His conference on biomaterials and biotechnology in 2014 was eye-opening in terms of the vast range of opportunities within this field.

I have been a regular volunteer in "Fundación Caballo Amigo", a foundation that rehabilitates handicapped people through equine therapy, helping out on a weekly basis and in their summer camps for the past 4 years. Being in charge of the volunteers, I learned how to direct and coordinate a team as well as ensuring safety measures were followed. I also had to be imaginative to come up with games and ideas so the children could safely enjoy nature and horses. Moreover, I have participated in voluntary activities, which involved helping children with Down syndrome and their families such as the race "Down Madrid" and "Paso a Paso". In the latter we taught a science class to a mixed group of year 6 students from our school and Down syndrome students to promote Educational inclusion. These opportunities have helped develop my teamwork, public speaking and explanatory skills. Outside my studies, I am involved in a vaulting team, a sport that is most often described as gymnastics and dance on horseback.

Vaulting competitions consist of compulsory exercises and choreographed freestyles done to music. I have been competing in the Spanish national championships in recent years and have become the two-time consecutive national champion and two time champion in squats. All of these abilities can be equally applied to Biotechnology: teamwork is crucial if planning to work in a lab, sharing ideas and discoveries is the best way to progress in this field. Furthermore, being able to overcome difficulties, such as the frequent injuries, which are common in high-level competition, will ensure perseverance and dedication.

I am Bilingual and I have studied my subjects in both English and Spanish, plus achieved the HSK1 in Mandarin and the French B2, all of which I believe will benefit me in an increasingly globalized world and in this sector. I have chosen to study in the UK as the UK institutions are consistently ranked among the best in the world and their qualifications are internationally valued and recognized. Experiencing further education in a country that is leading in research on an international scale will place me at the cutting edge of biological research. The UK methodology gives you the freedom to be creative and develop confidence and a range of skills sets that would enable me to fulfill my dream.

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