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Since I was a little girl, I view the world differently. Instead of realistic, I would picture things in their aesthetic form. For me leaves are not just greens. If you look properly, they sway delightfully following the rhythm of winds. I believe we are living in a visually beautiful milieu and I enjoy capturing every single moment through painting.

Subsequent to high school graduation, it seemed only logical that I continue my study in the finest Art school. Yet, it was never happened. Instead, I enrolled in psychology course merely to fulfill my parent's wish. Three years down the line, I found myself drifting apart from creative activities and I am not happy. Then, it was Margaret Naumburg who brought me back to artistry. Inspired by her art therapy movement, I wrote a dissertation research titled 'Reflecting the Quality of Human Figure Drawing in Cognitive and Social Development of Children Diagnosed with Down syndrome'. The paper was a big hit. I successfully scored 14/16 and the intervention was complimented as an innovative approach that may improve children's quality of life.

Today, glancing at my progression from adolescent trough adulthood, I am thankful to my parents that they encourage me to change direction. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I feel that I have developed my idiosyncratic style of working by applying both creative nature and scientific schema to meet a specific goal. I finally found my niche and I would like to take it to the next level. That being stated, I have decided to undertake postgraduate Innovation Management program in Central Saint Martins and reasons are twofold.

First and foremost, I am aspired to pursue a creative career that has a scientific flair to it. Having worked professionally in diverse environment as such publishing company, special school for learning disabilities and retail industry has taught me to be versatile. Nevertheless, I do not want to get carried away and end up being the Jack of all trades, master of none.

Therefore, present Innovation Management program is definitely the best foundation for me to embark on a dual-discipline career path, as the structure constantly stimulates our mind to master the equilibrium between methodical and ingenuous approach to solve bewildering problems. Second, I have been dreaming of attending Central Saint Martins since I was in high school. I am highly aware of their outstanding reputation and it will be a privilege for me to acquire more knowledge within the program as I still have so much to learn.

All in all, I am hoping that at the end of the program, I have obtained adeptness to survive in ever changing world. Future wise, I am planning to take part in a more advance innovation research and apply the mastery that I have earned with full determination.

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This personal statement was written by diwardani for application in 2010.


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