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Having been brought up in Morocco, a region of the world where different cultures have emerged, I have always been interested to widen my intercultural competences.

For that reason studying abroad and obtaining a foreign degree has been my primary objective for a real career start. During the last 3 years my interest and motivation had a tendency towards studying law, especially after pursuing the economic and social high school degree trajectory, which prepares future students for the fields of social sciences, law and economics.

My enthusiasm towards law studies arose from my acknowledgement of the advantages of countries having a strong and enforced legal system, both to ensure the equality of people, as well as to boost their economic development.

Moreover, I am deeply interested to learn more about fiscal law implications relating to international trade, different managerial laws, political and cultural subjects offered in your program. Last but not least, I am willing to learn the differences between law aspect in order to depeen my international business law knowledge.

I strongly believe that a career in law perfectly adapts to my perseverant, organised, logical, communicative and persuasive character, which I have demonstrated during my school years through the experiences described below.

During my high school years, I was elected as council delegate and had the honor to represent my school within the "High School Life" council. This was possible due to my program proposal to contribute towards the improvement of high school life environment, as well as to my persuasive speech.

During this mandate I organized multiple activities to raise funds and had regular meetings with my classmates to find out about their needs and discuss them with the other delegates and school officials to find ways that suit all the parties.

Besides my studies I do participate in many sport activities and as a result I do spend much of my free time practicing diffrent sports such as surfing, athletics, badminton or volleyball. I developed this sportive attitude since younger age.

My volleyball team has joined the Moroccan Volleyball league since two years and it is the first and only high school team in Morocco to be able to face the national teams.

I am a strong believer that these sports have helped me build a modest character in the sense that apart from the team spirit and solidarity, I got to learn self control and how to behave in difficult and embarassing situations.

I also learned the competitive spirit and always wanting to improve and giving the best of myself. These qualities have been anchored in me, and I intend to behave as such at the school level.

I have chosen to apply to your program for many reasons as I stated before but the two major reasons are: because I am sure that the course you offer and the expertise of your faculty would offer me good fundamentals for future law career activities and are conducive to my career interests, and second, because of the eminent reputation the UK education system as well as your program holds due to the expertise it has gained during the last decades.

Finally, I am looking forward, if I get accepted to your program, to satisfy my coursework, final project work, and, with all my potentials, to contribute to the enrichment of your institution and be one of your ambassadors in Morocco.

Furthermore, through this program which is taking place in a UK environment I am going to learn even more about multicultural relations and be aware of the differences and similarities that can be relevant in deeling with different international business law operations.

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Really enjoyed reading it.

Really enjoyed reading it. Maybe there are not so many achievements, but ambition and motivation are undoubted. If I were an admission-office-worker, I would definitely choose you.

Wow!! this statement really

Wow!! this statement really ceptured my interest.. good job!

uggg normal....

uggg normal....

I loved it but I don't think

I loved it but I don't think listing all your supposed atributes is a good idea "my perseverant, organized, logical, communicative and persuasive character, which I have demonstrated during my school years" you have already demonstrated this to them through all your sports etc. anyone can write that they're hard working etc. and a lot of people do.

cool story bro

cool story bro

i don't think this is a

i don't think this is a particularly good piece of personal statement mainly because the writer is too proud of him/herself. It's better to show what you've actually done then just stating what the event is and to focus on the academics.

What if I copy some parts of

What if I copy some parts of this personal statement and change the sentence structure and even vocabulary? Will I be penalised for plagiarism?

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