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Law and justice are the ever-increasing sense of importance and self-respect of the individual. True, there are different conceptions of the idea of what is fair, but the concepts of law and justice are one of the same (Solomon 1995: “A Passion for Justice” pg. 5). As an Indo-Canadian, law, justice and even fairness have become pivotal issues in my daily life.

As far back as I can remember I've always been fascinated with law, and as the years have gone by, I've begun to see the effects of law on a global front. It seems that with on going and increasing formidable international adversities, we are beginning to see diverse regulations of jurisprudence. Now would be one of the greatest times to study such a course.

Law is in my blood. My father, my grandfather, and even my great grandfather, all practiced and studied law. My grandfather was a senior magistrate of the state of Punjab, and I believe that is where my interest of law comes from.

Growing up I would hear retold accounts of numerous cases, and their litigations. Pursing law as a career has become even more real to me since I've started to volunteer with Dewitt and Associates, a local law firm. The amount of experience that I've gained within the last few months, have been unfathomable. The most experience I've received is being present for hearings, be they small traffic injunctions or civil settlements. Each experience has considerably driven my hunt to becoming a lawyer.

So from there, law has become a choice of career of which I want to pursue. I would make an impressive candidate at your university, as I believe that I will make a significant mark at my place of study. I am a strong speaker, in university I was a notable representative for our department of sociology, and would canvass our student club around the university. Who am I? Well I went to some of my closest friends, and asked them the same question, and they all described me by these three words, resourceful, reliable, and humorous. Resourceful, in the meaning that I am able to work with, and cope with difficult situations.

At a previous work place, my duties were to supervise and support my fellow co-workers. On one difficult day, I created a game surrounding soccer (football as you may call it), to drive sales between co-workers. It worked so well that it was integrated into the rest of the call centre. The second word, reliable is used to describe me for my dedication, as no matter the austerity of my classes, I've never given up.

Finally, the last word that they described me with was humorous. Balance is needed, as you should be able have fun, and like what you do. I've not regretted a decision, though some of my decisions may not have been the greatest, but without them I would not have learned what I know now. Life is a world of mysteries, and I'm not going to lie, to be given an opportunity to study abroad would be a dream come true.

Becoming a lawyer for me has been a process in the making, and with the chance and opportunity given by your university I can guarantee that it will not be a waste. Growing up my proud father would ask my brother and me what we wanted to be. My brother replied that if my father would ever get shot, that as a doctor he would be the one to operate on him. My father would then look at me, and I reassured him, that I would make sure that the person would be brought to justice. At which moment my father would look at the both of us, and ask is it necessary for him to be shot?

It's a story that isn't that funny, but meaningful, for my older brother has achieved his dream of becoming a doctor and I hope with your acceptance I can achieve mine, and make my father proud.

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