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IT personal statement

The computer is, with no doubt, one of largest kinds of artificial intelligence invented by human beings. Similar to the human mind, the work and functioning of a computer is supported by a programming language.
People all around the world now need computers to function in almost every field or sector in the world.
I think the importance of the computer and a need for it is increasing day by day. So that why companies and governments spend big amounts of money to promote research and develop in computer networking and all the areas related to it.

My interesting in the computer was since 8 years before when I bought first computer I started looking for information by self, books and friend, and began using it properly and installing and uninstalling programmes, then I learnt Processing word and Excel and PowerPoint.
Thereafter I could install a system and format when I was a need to install new system and find proper audio driver, video card driver and other drivers and configure them. I have formatted and installed operating systems to many computers for my brother and friends.

One year I worked for myself selling parts of computer and installing games and applications in mobile phones. At home I was editing video clips by adding music and animations and putting video in tracks by Ulead 8 software to produce nice video output, also I was editing images by Photoshop software; I was enjoying doing that to my friends and relatives.
Then I worked for International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) as a field Officer, cashier and in the office to receive calls from beneficiaries and dealing with their enquiries. All those jobs need good knowledge in the computer and particularly in Excel and Lotus software and also special designed programme for ICRC.
I am hard working, responsible, ambitious, enthusiastic, sociable and highly self-motivated, I love work especially on the computer, so that I applied to voluntary work for African youth association and I worked for more than five months and donated excellent customer services as a cashier in voluntary work for Oxfam charity for four months, these gave me great incentive to go on in my interesting in computer.

In July 2011 I finished Progression in IT course from Lewisham College, but unfortunately wasn’t enough to what I want, so I feel that I need more to learn.
At university, I hope to gain a degree and knowledge to be IT specialist

Year applied: 
Computing and IT

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