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When people ask me why I chose a computing degree, I always remind myself of my first computer experience.

Being a small boy I perceived that state-of-the-art device as an endless, somehow magical source of knowledge and entertainment, but also as an invention capable of revolutionising the way we live. Even back then, I realised that this technological advancement is a key to creating the future, which I want to be a part of. This feeling has never left me, but it grew stronger and more passionate every day.

In the course of time I understood that having strong background in Maths and Physics is a prerequisite for this degree. Therefore, I took every chance possible to develop myself within these fields. Except for all standard, curricular studies, I also devoted my spare time to acquire some additional knowledge, mostly in integration and particle physics.

I organised and run a club for Maths fans in my school, as well as attended many supplementary lectures and meetings, given by lecturers from best Polish universities. Besides that, I took part in many competitions, succeeding in the last grade of lower secondary-school by getting to national finals in Mathematics Olympiad.

Both areas were also sources of continuous excitement and fascinations, bringing me closer to a better world understanding with every new discovery or problem solved. Thanks to my determination and help received from teachers, I managed to finish secondary school with grades of 5 and 98% result from Maura exam in both subjects.

My interest in computing was also fueled during my high-school period. Thanks to my teacher's broad knowledge and extraordinary commitment, I learned basics in different programming languages such as Java or C++, developed in databases creation and understood principles of computer architecture and algorithms.

These interests, however, were not restricted only to classroom. By courtesy of local university authorities I was able to attend computer science lectures throughout my second year of secondary school. All the above, as well as lots of independent study, resulted in grade of 6 from this subject and 67% from computer science Matura exam, which turned out to be the best score in my region.

Despite many Matura related studies, I found a bit of spare time to concentrate on non-academic things. Being a very sports-oriented person, I joined many skiing winter camps around the Europe. I particularly take pleasure in helping others, mostly by joining voluntary happenings such as raising funds for ''The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation".

In addition to gaining strong educational background, I also tried to get some work experience. Working in my parents' construction company as an office administrator allowed me to improve both my IT and interpersonal skills, thanks to contacts with potential investors.

I hope to meet your admission requirements and have the opportunity to study at your prestigious university.

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