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I’m applying for this course because I love computers, gadgets and technology and spent my life playing and learning to see what I can do! I’m being made redundant from my career in banking where I’ve been for the last 10 years. I had to drop out of education when I was 17 to go into full time work so this is my opportunity to pick up what I enjoy but was unable to carry on with years ago, and it’s a chance to shape it into a new future!

My interest in computers started around the age of 5 when my Grandpa gave me a ZX Spectrum. My earliest memories of it were learning to load games from cassette tapes and entering simple commands. I’ve always wanted to understand how computers work. It’s not enough for me to just learn how to do something, I want to know why it works that way. It’s become a hobby to experiment with computers - discovering the internet in the 90s, customising Windows, learning HTML and designing websites, setting up networks, trying different operating systems and building computers - all kinds of things that I’ve wanted to play around with just for fun.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working for Halifax bank in various roles, with the last four years in management positions. My main activities have been dealing with customer queries and transactions, building knowledge of processes and regulations, managing a team of staff and supporting my team to adapt to changes in the systems and processes we use.

While working, I’ve been keen to carry on learning skills which would help me in my role. I studied a year long management training course accredited by Leeds University to help me build the skills I needed to change role at work. This helped me to learn good organisational and time management skills which I use when running my branch to make sure that all essential tasks are completed while fitting in day to day activities.

Last year, I studied an ifs Level 3 course in banking regulation. While this wasn’t needed as a manager, it was something I wanted to do so that I had a better understanding of the wider banking industry and how regulation affects my day to day role. I completed this outside of work, planning study time each week to complete the mix of reading and research required before taking the exams.

Returning to full time study will be a big change for me, but my situation in leaving work allows me to give it all my effort. While working, I’ve continued to study through different courses and I’ve also been studying with the Codecademy website over the past 6 months to refresh my skills in coding HTML and gain an introduction to other languages such as Javascript and Ruby. I’ve visited the University open evenings to meet staff and students to find out more about the course and how my knowledge fits in with the expected level. It’s left me confident that my experience of continued study and knowledge of hardware, programming and the industry as a whole will put me in a good place to start this degree.

My aim in applying for this course is that I want to start a new career in IT doing the things I love. While I’ve always had a passion for computing, I’ve been limited with what I could do without qualifications and proper training. I really want to use this time at University to make the most of the course and the experience I can gain so that I can go on in a strong position to get into the kind of work I’ve always wanted to do.

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I used this as my personal statement for applying for a 2 year foundation degree in computing, which has an extra one year top up to a full honours degree.

I'd applied for Blackburn College University Centre (Accredited by Lancaster University), and Preston UCLAN.

So far, not heard back from UCLAN! But Blackburn invited me for an interview as a mature student and offered me an unconditional place.

I'm 31, been working full time since I was 18 but now being made redundant, so going to Uni to retrain and go into a new career.


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