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I have been a student at Haslingden High School for seven years and in this time I have learnt a lot and I have decided to continue my education on to university. I have chosen to take Computing at university, as it is a subject I enjoy a lot.

Whilst I have been taught various ICT skills at school which I have enjoyed learning I have also learnt some on my own as I have practised some programming in my own time. I am also interested in studying areas, which I have not come across in my life so far like networking.

I always keen to help friends and family with their computer problems and I find that I am good at helping but I would love to be able to help them fully as sometime I cannot help This enthusiasm for the subject mixed with the fact it will be useful for my career is the reason I have chosen to do Computing at university.

I have also spent some time working for Awareness software that look after the ICT side for other companies. This taught me many vital skills in both software and hardware.

One of the things I had did there was building computers so I have a basic idea of how the hardware works but this is another area I would love to further my knowledge in.

As well as the computer based skills I also learnt some key skills for any work places for example developed the skill of the communication with clients by visiting and solving problems why there computer doesn't work and having the skill of putting things simply without being patronising. Also I learned the importance of working as a team to do things as every one has there own skills.

Outside of work my main interest is football both watching and playing. I also like playing on my computer playing a variety of games including First person shooters, football games and racing games. I also enjoy going out with mates which usually includes in going to the cinema to see a film and socialising in general.

As mentioned I do like football and I have played for teams in the past but due to me following my club around the country I had to stop it and just play it with mate's either at home or at school I am always up for a kick about and I would be interested in getting involved at university. I would also to take up new sports and activities I have not tried yet.

I'm looking forward with greatly to the challenges that studying for a degree in computing will bring.

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