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The progression of technology and the effects it has had on civilisation has always fascinated me, and generated within me a profound interest in computing and business management. My passion for the subject expanded when I chose Information Technology, as part of my A-level education. Although this subject is somewhat demanding, I find it extremely interesting. I believe that a degree combining both these elements is the correct choice for me. I am confident that a course in business and computing satisfies both these interests. I will be looking forward to the challenge of learning about the computing and business industry

Within the school I am a prefect of which I have the role of looking after younger children lower down the school which gives me a great deal of responsibility, this role involves the supervision of younger pupils during their break and lunch-times. I have also shown prospective parents around the school on open evenings on several occasions answering queries and concerns they had. Media Studies has given me the chance to analyse film genres, which have laid undiscovered until recent and has been able to expand my knowledge of films and other media texts. Having the opportunity to give something back to my school has always been important to me, and it is something that I am keen to continue at University. Throughout my time at both school and 6th Form, I have also made an effort to maintain a good balance between my leisure activities and my academic work

I have also completed a two-week work experience program. This was at Engelhard CLAL, Chessington. This was a valuable experience and gave me an insight to how a business operates both internally and externally. I spent two weeks shadowing a senior computer consultant who gave me the opportunity to see how a computing business works first hand. I enjoyed the problem solving and tasks which where a challenge. I have also recently visited offices situated in Canary Wharf, London to liase with members of the computer maintenance team to have an insight of the job role of workers within a large international computing organisation

In my leisure time I enjoy a wide range of sporting activities. These include: golf, tennis, table tennis, football and bowling to name but a few. I especially enjoy Karate of which I compete at a high level, studying the technique of Shotokan. Karate keeps me fit both mentally and physically. I am hoping to carry on some of these activities whilst conducting my studies at university. I also enjoy website design of which I have a good knowledge of programming languages, at present I am making a website for a cleaning company and also carrying out extensive work on their computer systems in my spare time. I also have a part-time job working in the retail industry in Next. I believe that I have gained invaluable experience in dealing with customers and trying to deliver customer satisfaction at a very high standard, whilst working effectively and efficiently in a well-structured and mannered team. I enjoy my spare time and try to use it to the best of my ability. I enjoy spending time with my friends when possible outside school time

I consider myself to be a hard working, outgoing individual who is enthusiastic and willing to learn. I am looking forward to the challenge of university life, both socially and mentally. I strongly believe that my years at university will be enjoyable and those that I will remember for the rest of my life. Most of all I am hoping that my chosen subject will give me a strong foundation to take upon a successful career inside the computing and business world.

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GREAT statement, really

GREAT statement, really helped me with, thanks alot :)

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