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Business is the way of the world. Shopping, buying, selling, promoting, discounting, are all business activities and we are involved with it every day. It's an area I'm very interested in and want to learn more about.

Although I have a wide range of interests, I have always been keen on business management because it’s a very exciting field for me with lots of challenges.

What has also drawn my attention is the capacity of collecting and analyzing relevant data to best understand and improve the estimates of what could happen in the future.

I have always been fascinated with the world of maths which is a universal language, standing the test of time, outside from trends, but above all, that merges all the world. For me gathering datas is surely helpful to understand what is happening today and what happened yesterday and what is going to happen tomorrow.

Fashion means creativity, seduction, self-confidence, art which inspires and is inspired. In my experience, fashion is a way to express myself and in some how show my personality.

My dad always always told me “your future job should be what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing”. So why not combine my two passions for my future career?

I have always known that my aim in the future would be to study and live abroad because I was fortunate enough to accompany my parents in work and leisure travels since a young age in different countries. This has urged me to become extremely cultural curious. London is an international city with students from all over the world pursuing a policy of tolerance and openness.

This multicultural environment brings up a rich exchange of knowledge and points of view. Students can experience active and exciting time on campus, participate in sports, cultural activities, clubs, and also do volunteer work. Every summer I help less fortunate people at Caritas, give them support and prepare food for everyone, and it always surprises me how emotional I get every time. It is an activity that I would like to continue.

During my high school life, I have participated to some business course: an economic class during a summer school camp and a 4-weeks course called “I Primi Passi Nella Finanza” from PoliCollege. These have approached me to the business world, making me decide this subject as my future degree. Periodicals such as "The Economist” and “Business of Fashion” help me stay up to date.

A life changing lesson for me was one quarter of a year spent in Dover,UK as an exchange student.

At home I had everything I needed, basically my comfort zone. The time I spent abroad has impacted my criteria on social skills, from new friendships to mere acquaintances. Not only did I see the world with different eyes, but I also started to perceive myself in a different manner.

I learnt how to enjoy being alone, which was something unusual for me previously. When I was alone I evaluated myself and was able to see every facet of my life, the good and the bad. It was in these lonely moments when I understood my passion for reading, going through books as Animal Farm, Hearth of Darkness, #GIRLBOSS and The Outsiders, which have galvanised me to take the (Fashion) Business path.

I've always strived to explore different things, achieve a little more and do it better, and push myself because you're not really alive if you're not trying to pull out.

I learned how to exist in an unfamiliar environment where I had to rely on myself and cope with difficulties on my own. Coming from a school where I was with the same classmates for 4 years to a new, bigger, and much more culturally diverse school has helped me to develop my socializing skills and because of such a cultural diversity, I had an opportunity to come across a variety of points of view, which have influenced me in many ways.

What makes me unique is my ability to easily empathize with people.

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