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My desire to study software engineering has come about through my fascination on how software works on different platforms. I find it interesting how different programming languages are used to create different software and have a keen interest in becoming a software developer for a large company.

My aim is to complete a degree in software engineering and focus on learning a programing language which suits me. I am currently learning an object orientated language which is C++. I find it fascinating how C++ and other object orientated languages have three main characteristics that make up the language.

These characteristics are encapsulation which is a class that defines the form of an object, polymorphism which allows one interface to access a general class and Inheritance which allows one object to inherit the properties of another object.

I am currently studying a software development course. The key skills I will gain from this course are vital when moving on to a software engineering degree; I am currently learning many skills on how to program in different languages and how to work through the five stages of the software development life-cycle, which are requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance.

The programming modules I am currently studying are object orientated, procedural programming and website development. Each programming paradigm uses a different method when developing software.

The object orientated module uses objects and classes to develop software, the procedural programming module uses a structured step by step coding method to develop software and the website module uses HTML to develop the website contents and CSS to add the style and layout of the website.

These modules are vital for me when developing skills; on how to program in the industry with different programming paradigms. They allow me to learn the different methods each programming paradigms uses to create software.

Whilst studying and gaining these skills at college, I had the privilege of becoming a young volunteer at Rossendale leisure trust. To become a volunteer I passed a Criminal Records Bureau check which allowed me to coach children.

I participated in many sport events and coached children in different sports. My reward for volunteering was the ability to gain coaching qualifications in different sports; the qualifications I gained were basic coaching in handball, football, cricket and sports for disabled people.

Volunteering has helped me to develop inter-personal and communications skills. I have learnt that I enjoy teaching children and would love to continue, teaching children sports as a hobby.

Overall I am willing to learn and achieve top grades in all areas; I am very punctual and organised in what I do. I have a good employment history because I have been employed since the age of sixteen, which has benefitted me in gaining important skills on how to work within a team, achieve targets and utilise my skills when working in a team.

These skills are important for a software developer because when programming in a company; programmers work in teams to meet deadlines and create high quality software.

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