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Computer games programming isn't a degree that a typical girl would probably be interested in. But then, I do not see myself as a typical student. When I first left school I studied A levels, but at the end of two years I felt as though I lacked direction and still had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. I took the opportunity to work for a year and give myself some time to think about what I wanted to do in the future. I tried to think about something that I had been passionate about my whole life, and what I came up with was games. Ever since playing the Master System II as a child I have always had an interest in playing the newest and most exciting games, and the thrill of completing them. I enrolled on a National Diploma course for IT Practitioners and my resolve was strengthened when I started my Software Design and Development unit and discovered a passion for programming, which I continued to enjoy in my Event Driven Programming unit. I enjoy the logical thinking required to create a program trying to fix any problems, and the sense of achievement when the program is finished and working. I am particularly interested in the advancing technology of gaming, especially human computer interaction and artificial intelligence, and would love to study these in more detail.
When I am not at college I work in a shop selling teas and coffees. I am given a lot of responsibility there and I am trusted to run the shop on Sundays, which involves looking after the money and directing my colleagues. I have also been responsible for training new members of staff. This has given me the skills of working in a team. The job also requires me to have a good knowledge of the products, which is something I have studied in my spare time, as well as the ability to explain what you know to the customers. I think this has helped me to be able to speak to people easily and confidently. I have also developed excellent time management skills from my previous job, which required me to get a variety of different meals ready on time. These skills have been useful at college for helping me to plan my assignments and get them in on time.
I also volunteer with a group called "Silver Surfers", an organisation run by Age Concern to help elderly people with using computers and the internet. I enjoy doing this because I like helping people with something that I am confident in doing, and seeing the progress in someone who had never used a computer before, and by the end of the session being happy that they have achieved something. I find helping these people becoming more confident with computers very rewarding and have made friends with a lot of the clients that I have helped.
I have also helped out at my college in promoting the course that I am studying. I had my photograph taken to be put in this year's prospectus, and took part in a video interview about the course to be shown to prospective students.
As well as playing games, I spend a lot of my free time reading. I enjoy many genres but my favourites are fantasy and romance novels. I have even started writing my own novel along these lines. Though it is still a work in progress I find writing is a good way of letting my creativity out, and find it very satisfying when I have finished writing an interesting chapter. I also love watching films and frequently have movie nights with my friends, where we will watch anything from horrors to musicals.
After completing my games programming course my aim would be to work in a games company, programming the latest console games. My dream would be to see a project that I have worked hard on selling in shops and people enjoying the products that I have put all of my passion and energy into.

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This personal statement was written by Vascibean for application in 2010.

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Staffordshire University
Sheffield Hallam University
London Metropolitan University

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This personal statement is very unique to me and I think that it why it stood out. Though a lot of the things in here will not be appropriate for everyone I do have some points that I think might be useful:

When I had an interview with one of my universities, the interviewer told me how glad he was to see a personal statement that was different from everyone elses. He said that he reads so many of them, and how they all go on constantly about games, and what games people had played and why they liked them. He said that he liked that I talked about something different, because it was already implyed that I had an interest in games by applying for the course.

He also said that he really liked the fact that I said I read books, and that most of the students would never read a book in their life! So if you do read, I suggest you put it in.
I would also reccomend putting other hobbies if you have any, as he also mentioned about how I'm obviously involved in lots of different things.

Lastly, I hope this statement helps someone to make an impression!


Statement rating:*****

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Wow, simply wow.

This is awesome. Nice work. I hope you got into the Uni's you applied for, you seem to certainly deserve to!


Thanks, I found this really useful. :)
Also, nice to see something that doesn't have poor grammar for a change!


I cannot thank you enough for the article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.


This is absolutely terrible.

btw im a girl :)

btw im a girl :)

btw I'm a grill :)))

btw I'm a grill :)))

u wot m9 il cum down to ur

u wot m9 il cum down to ur end and nock u out

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