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I reckon I have been around computers for as long as I can remember. Credit for that goes to my father who worked from home on his computer. Games became the first experiences I had with it, and as I grew older, my interest in gaming and how exactly it worked deepened considerably.

My secondary education has helped me acquire basic skills with programming and develop a good approach to computers. My IT teacher made the biggest impact, for it was she who shifted my interest from hardware to software and introduced me to programming. In her class I improved my problem-solving ability as well. There were other subjects that honed that skill in me.

Psychology taught me to analyse all parts of a problem thoroughly and find the most effective solution. Studying Physics gave me a better understanding of the law of cause and effect, and heightened my curiosity as to what makes things work the way they do.

Studying in a demanding academic environment, especially in Maths class, helped me develop my ability to keep my concentration under pressure. I also learned how to efficiently arrange my priorities and delegate my workload.

My interest in gaming and programming has always been too deep to be fulfilled by my school assignments alone. At some point when I was younger, I realised that just playing games was not satisfying enough. I felt the need to partake in the creative process as well.

So I carefully explored the games I wanted to change, and I first modified some of the graphics, and later on the gameplay itself. When I started studying programming at school I took to it very quickly. I bought a beginner's guide to programming and I spent most of my free time learning and practicing.

After that I started fixing computers in my spare time - both to get experience in my field of interest and to help the household financially. Most recently, I took part in the NASA Space Apps Challenge where I got some further experience in programming and meeting deadlines.

Realising the need to not overwork oneself and take breaks is crucial in order to be successful in any endeavour, and that is why in my free time I focus on relaxing activities, rather than stressful assignments. My favourite thing to do, ever since I was a child, has been playing video games, mainly because there are so many diverse genres - ranging from simulations to role-playing games.

Personally, I prefer sports games because they incorporate the strategy element, which develops logical thinking, and the action element, which improves reflexes and the ability to make on-the-spot decisions. I especially enjoy the onlinemultiplayer modes, in which I can either test my abilities against other people, or learn to work as part of a team to overcome opponents or obstacles.

Another aspect of my life that has taught me about teamwork has been my summer job as a bellboy where I needed to maintain good communication with my colleagues and the guests of the hotel I worked at. My job has been essential to my building a work ethic and has made me more capable of handling responsibility.

The experiences I've had throughout my life have made me realise the impact video games can have on different layers of society. That is why I have decided to study, and work in the sphere of, Computer Games Development. For me, video games have not only been a way to escape boredom, but also a valuable factor in shaping me as a person.

Storytelling in games has taught me a lot about the real world, the complex relationships people have, the decisions they make and the consequences those decisions bring about. That is why I would be thrilled if I was presented with the opportunity to change someone's life the way computer games have changed mine.

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