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I can still remember my first day at Kirkwall Grammar School in 2010, where an extremely eccentric science teacher demonstrated the classic “elephant’s toothpaste” experiment – it was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. I decided there and then that I wanted to pursue a future in science.

My fascination with forensic investigation and anthropology came later, after I became completely hooked on a BBC TV series called ‘Glue’, where a 14-year-old is found dead due to asphyxiation in mud. This sparked many different questions and curiosities about the use of scientific applications in support of the law, and how valuable forensics can be in solving crimes.

During my time at Kirkwall Grammar School, I focused my scientific interests into biology and chemistry, studying biology at Advanced Higher level where I learned some extremely valuable skills in research, self-study, and writing scientific reports through my completion of the Advanced Higher investigation, where I chose to study the rate of decomposition of soil in varying pH’s, with forensic science in mind.

At Kirkwall Grammar, I was also a part of various committees, including the Debate Club, where I had the opportunity to debate in the Orkney Islands Council Chambers alongside relevant councillors.

I was also chair of the volunteering committee, where I took the opportunity to spend time at a local kennel, horse stables, and a popular veterinary surgery, where I gained an insight into the importance of careful laboratory procedures, drug management, and also had the opportunity to be involved in many surgical procedures.

Here I also learned the vast number of challenges to be faced with each patient, and the sheer level of analysis involved from diagnosis, to treatment, then recovery, which is arguably extremely relevant in the field of forensics.

Through school, I also had the opportunity to complete a week-long placement at Edinburgh Zoo’s Summer Science School, where many of my interpersonal skills such as report writing, critical thinking, and public speaking were challenged as me and my fellow team-mates, worked closely with the African Painted Hunting Dogs.

Being a member of the Army Cadet Force for well over 4 years has required a great deal of determination, discipline, and dedication, which has certainly helped me develop into the confident individual I am today, with varying interpersonal skills and qualities, including great team-working, public speaking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

During this time, I completed a Junior Cadet Instructors Course, which qualified me to then teach the younger cadets the foundations, and I was also involved in many of the sporting and musical parts of the organisation, working hard to get the most out of my time in cadets.

My current part-time job as an Event Steward, and my previous role as a Lifeguard has definitely further developed a confidence in my abilities, and thrown various types of challenges my way, requiring a great deal of problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication in every shift.

The responsibility and trust instilled on me in these roles has therefore lead me to become a far more observant, flexible and quick-thinking individual in my day-to-day life, which could be very transferable in the role of a forensic analysis.

At the moment, I am currently studying a HNC in Applied Science at Inverness College through the University of The Highlands and Islands, where I feel I am thriving in the more mature and social atmosphere.

The course is extremely practical and varied in topics, including studies in human biology, fundamental chemistry, physics, science in industries, quality and health and safety systems, statistics and maths for science, and also later on in the year, I am looking forward to participating in a forensic workshop where Professor Sue Black will be talking us through a human skeleton.

All of these modules, I feel, are enabling me to develop a huge range of scientific skills, and are really preparing me for the demand of university - specifically for a course in forensic sciences, which also requires a very multidisciplinary and hands-on approach.

All of these experiences and events have lead me to desire a scientific, practical role, where I believe I can expand my naturally inquisitive mind whilst making a positive contribution to society. This role would agreeably be challenging, interesting, yet exciting, and I believe it lies in the study of forensic sciences.

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I haven't actually sent this away or anything, was just hoping for some feedback! It's a little long, but I'll do some editing later on.

I'll hopefully be applying to Glasgow Caledonian Univeristy, Dundee University, Abertay University, University of The West of Scotland, and also Robert Gordon University.




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