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In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the study of how and why events occur and how science is used to explain the course of events. My interest developed when I was exposed to the subject of Forensic Science at school after watching a video on how evidence is collected from a burglary crime scene and how forensic analysis techniques can achieve a successful conviction.

I studied fingerprint evidence and how they identify criminals via individual markers. Upon leaving school I participated in the NCS scheme which aims to build employability skills and life skills; working alongside a group of young people to fundraise for the Nottingham Hospitals Charity. This worked supported me to develop my team working and problem solving skills; discussing problems as a team, to develop solutions.

This scheme supported me to develop successful communication skills as well as building my confidence in my own ability. I participated in bake sales, raffles, a 10 mile hike and an overnight camp in which the sponsorship forms were prepared using my IT skills; raising GBP550 to buy toys for the children's wards; donating the rest to the charity. Being part of the NCS scheme has shown I am capable of successfully working alongside other scientists, to develop solutions to any problems that may arise, during the analysis and interpretation of evidence.

During my first year of college, we were placed into small teams in which we carried out a scientific project based on our chosen area of forensic science. As a team we researched how criminals use laundry items to cover their tracks and how this affects the reliability of luminol to identify bodily fluids, during crime scene investigation and further analysis in a laboratory by applying drops of horse blood to different types of fabric before washing them for different periods of time in either biological or non-biological washing detergents before spraying the materials with luminol solution and observing the size of the chemilluminescence produced under a UV light.

A risk assessment was prepared by me, using my written communication skills to highlight the risks; being aware of the risks that my surroundings pose and how to minimise the risks. This benefited me because in the Science industry, it is vital that I communicate hazards that may arise in order to work safely. The luminol solution was prepared by me using Weber's method, working safely under strict conditions to prepare it to the highest standards.

In my aspiring career of a forensic scientist I must follow instructions when using analysis techniques; ensuring that there is little inaccuracy in my work. A laboratory report was written explaining my findings in a clear manner, using my communication skills, using graphs to support my analysis; evaluating my findings. My analytical skills were used to explain them and the science behind them. As a forensic scientist, you must be able to interpret and explain results of analysis accurately and clearly, to communicate the importance of forensic evidence, within a criminal investigation in which I have demonstrated the skills needed to be able to do this from my experience with the NCS scheme and the extended diploma in applied forensic science.

This experience demonstrates my commitment to project or task, as well as illustrating my hard work and determined nature to succeed and develop my understanding and knowledge within the area of forensic science. After researching, the career of a forensic scientist, I have a well-informed understanding, of the role of a forensic scientist. I have an enquiring mind and the ability to find out how and why events occurred, which forms the foundations of the work of forensic scientists. I enjoy performing analysis in a laboratory, piecing together a series of events, and drawing conclusions to identify a substance or cause which is a key task performed, by many forensic scientists during a criminal investigation.

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I applied for De Montfort University, the University of Derby and Nottingham Trent University. I received offers from all 3 universities.


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