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"Kids in high school routinely traditionally have a relatively low interest in science because they might think it's boring, it's more tedious. But then when you put something forensic behind it, it makes things more exciting". Dr. Fred Fochtman.

This quote sums up my feeling about Forensic Science- it is incredibly exciting-it includes physiological sciences like forensic anthropology, entomology and pathology as well as chemistry. Learning these sciences at the same time as solving a crime in investigating a murder is more challenging, interesting and mysterious than normal science.

In my child hood days there was a documentary series telecasted on Sony channel (India) named C.I.D which has influenced me a lot to choose my career as Crime Scene Investigator.

I like this series because it showed that how the people in a community can turn into criminals through psychological, genetic and social factor. Since childhood I was fond of studying science and the logic behind it and I always dreamt of being Crime Scene Investigator.

During my school days I represented different schools five times in the Science Practical Competition winning 3 times out of 5 and this made my morale boost and believe that I must pursue my career in science.

In my current course I have learned loads of practical skills and legal terminology that isused in forensic science.

Forensic psychology and criminology have made me understand how and why people commit crime. Genetic engineering has helped me to contrast between real and fake biological evidence whereas scientific technique has improved my chemical logic behind the evidence.

I am enjoying my course because I was hungry to study this course since my child hood and in the country where I was born, Nepal, do not have this kind of course to study.This excitement, challenge and fun made to move forward my further education in university.

I am currently working in the Territorial Army. In my TA carrier I am changing my Army cap badge at the end of the year and moving to the Royal Military Police in order to further develop my knowledge of criminal investigation, forensics and criminal court procedures. In the TA we do physical fitness, weapon handling, field craft, map reading, as well as military terminology, drill and how to wear the uniform.

My part-time job at a Territorial Army has made me more a responsible individual. I feel I can deal with the tense situations more comfortably. I have also become more confident and gained a great deal of common sense as I deal with, and reassure, members of the public. Besides that, it has enabled me to develop the time management skills which I need in order to be able to do physical activities and college
course work.

My goal in my life is to work within a criminal investigative area either by continuing to develop as an RMPO or to work as a civilian Crime Scene Investigator. Working towards achieving justice for victims of crimes would give me immense job satisfaction.

In my leisure time I go for a long walk or jog, I compose music on my keyboard, play cricket,Watch National Geographic Chanel, cook different food. I am going to do class 3 chef courses with TA in March and I have played cricket for Caritas Cricket Club in Hong Kong and Sunsari cricket Club in Nepal.

Cricket has helped me to be social skills and taught me to be patient in what we do and ultimately focus on the target ahead,as well as develop an appreciation of the need to work as team.

I have a good level of academic ability and am a sociable and dedicated person and I believe that during my degree course I will actively participate in different research and science clubs to learn more about the latest developments in science. I am looking forward to study in the university and enjoy the challenge

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well I got offer from 2 different universities from this satement.I hope it can help you as well.


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