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Throughout my travel, studies and experience in the world, I have been able to attain what I hope to be a worldly and open minded. Which gave me a thought, to look at current world issues like poverty, debt and famine and I wanted to address the challenges faced by humanity, because what affects the world affects us all.

My interest in European Studies has stemmed not due to my ethnic background but due its influences on our life decisions. Their relevance to the social and political issues and their distribution of power and resources of the 21st century.

My understanding of these concept of European Union has started during my undergraduate studies and through part time jobs in UK. My life has been shaped through living in first world country and in developing nation. Through the years of life experience, I have broadened my knowledge on international affairs as it deals with social relations, which in larger perspective has been viewed as the relation between the eastern and western society and the relationship between the intercontinental allies. I am now aware and can identify the relevance these relationships have, not only on the society but on the individuals.

Although we say European Studies is a young discipline it has shaped history and worldwide communities through centuries. Through International Corporation & Globalization stability and economic welfare, opportunities are achieved but the globalization on Indian Economy on the past decade has only brought jobs through manufacturing and cheap labours of technology. Where India’s decision making, mechanism is facing challenges on Research and Economic policy based expansion. At the same time, it is struggling with sustainability growth. Besides Indian agenda, my interest lies on global context and want to learn more about European Union, its functioning and the complex economic issues behind its political choices.

As to the modern world, one subject alone is not enough, that it’s subject combined in an interdisciplinary approach and Education to Real Life yields result. The programme has a unique learning pathway where, Economics and Business meet each other and focuses on international approach which is mandatory to understand today’s world.

Through the Interdisciplinary perspective of this programme I could able to relate the central prospects of relation between the rich and poor nations. How their relationships contribute to the long-term development. I aspire to increase my understanding of the European Economy at the highest level possible. I want to pursue a career in international affairs and would like to be involved with the process of foreign policy in Governmental or Non-Governmental organisations so that I can contribute to promoting Security and Development internationally.

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I have written the statement through my experiences focusing on economics, business and development.
let me know whats your thought on the same.


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