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My perception of the world of economics changed in 2006 when I was fortunate enough to visit
the country of Zimbabwe. Witnessing the mismanagement of what was the "The bread basket "of
Africa's economy, being brought to the brink of collapse due to an astounding hyper inflation
rate, has resulted in my fascination towards the subject of global economics. Seeing the
current meltdown of the global monetary system has only furthered my appetite for this

I enhanced my communication skills and my knowledge of current global issues, by attending the
Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) in both Washington D.C and New York City in the summer
of 2008, for which I have been nominated various times. Attending these conferences has
developed my public speaking abilities, broadened my way of thinking and taught me how to work
as a team and meet deadlines effectively. Whilst attending the conference I engaged with
students from over fifty different countries, debating, problem solving and enhancing my
confidence as an individual. Due to my contribution to the GYLC program, I have been nominated
to attend the inauguration of the next American president elect Barack Obama in Washington in
January 2009. I have continued to further my knowledge of the global monetary system, by
studying in my free time and trying to understand the global market trends with the help of my
father who is a Currency Trader.

I consider myself a true European being born in England, my mother being British, my father
German and having lived in Gran Canaria, Spain all my life. I spent the first ten years of my
education in a Spanish school which has resulted in me being able to speak and write fluent
Spanish. I then changed to an international school in order to further my knowledge of the
English language and prepare myself for the challenges of university in the United Kingdom. I
am currently studying eight subjects, four of which are at AP level and one Honors class as
well as being elected treasurer of the student council, these challenges have helped me
discover who I am and of what I am capable.

Although my formative years have been in Gran Canaria it has always been my ambition to finish
my higher education in Britain. This is partly because of my English parentage and partly
because I consider the British higher education system to be one of the best in the world.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively visiting many countries
over the world including Vietnam, Egypt, Botswana, Australia, China, and Thailand to name but
a few. These travels have broadened my awareness of the various cultures around the globe,
which has resulted in me being open minded. Other passions of mine include freestyle skiing
with a particular love for the skiing in the Swiss Alps, BMX riding in the skate park with my
friends and body boarding in the Atlantic Ocean.

I believe Economics is the opening to the world, the gateway to a knowledge of how to
distribute global resources and wealth to create a strong and stable society, a society which
at this turbulent time is suffering from the increase in cost of living and the devaluation of
its global monetary system. As the Scottish physiocrat Adam Smith once stated "No society can
surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and
miserable". It is my ambition to be part of the solution to the problems facing the
twenty-first century today and the problems that will surely arise tomorrow.

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