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Rapid urbanisation has transfigured India into a nation of avid consumers, culminating a society exerting a relentless call for resources and causing untold environmental strain.

The poor recycling ethos has forged monumental waste mountains as seen in Ghazipur, Delhi. I visited the site on a family holiday after corresponding with and subsequently devoting two weeks to working with the charity Chintan to manage waste and ensure sustainable consumption. Real experience of an issue of this magnitude proved invaluable, it elucidated the social responsibilities we have to the earth and exhibited the ramifications of our actions thus far.

Previous study at Level 3 was rich in the impartation of skills and led to proficiency in both teamwork and individual endeavours, the creation of high quality work within the designated deadlines in addition to the capacity to lead, direct and supervise a group of people by means of the role I undertook as a team leader in ‘Organising a business event.’ This consolidated a vast amalgamation of technique including expertise in the generation of formal reports as well as aural presentations. Dedication and a positive work ethic induced its resultant success; this is echoed within the grades I achieved.

The attainment of corporate sustainability is vital. The question of acquisition was posed to myself and a colleague during my occupational role as a team member. To develop the company’s current eco-policy, to devise a ‘green strategy’ that factored in the company’s operations in regards to the social and economic environment. This scintillated me. Being selected to spearhead this enterprise validated the immense trust invested in me at being afforded such responsibility.

National Geographic and The Ecologist consume my reading, through this I protracted my understanding of the issues we are facing. It is through these disquietudes being exposed that I am encouraged to work alongside The National Trust. By virtue of my possessing a keen absorption in the branch of study which is air quality and the pollution pandemic, I was inspired to take part in a survey which sought to calculate the variations in environmental conditions that the influx of Nitrogen Dioxide and Ammonia have created, utilising the changing physicality of Lichen Trees as a bio indicator.

This endeavour into field work accorded an opportunity for me to investigate a pressing environmental concern, one which carries detrimental effects to vegetation and human health. The array of processes I carried out included: analysing the data, deducing the concentration of the gases and thereafter conceiving and methodically preparing a proposition for a local solution. This was latterly presented to a team of peers which serves to corroborate that I am accomplished in adopting methods of analysis, formulating conclusions and articulately delivering my findings.

This is what I seek to emphasise through my career, the duty we have to act upon the expertise we have acquired. A sustainable way of life must emerge; the earth is maimed by afflictions such as climate change, retreating glaciers and ocean acidification. Progression must serve to ameliorate the ruins and achieve equilibrium.

Hence making my course selection of environmental issues and the socio-political impacts inevitable, it enables me to commit my time to, as well as further my knowledge of that which is of the utmost importance to me. Attending lectures in this subject area at the University of Birmingham has allowed me valuable insight into the wealth of knowledge I will glean from higher education. Managing my spare time proactively to allow me to do this validates my yearning and commitment to study this subject, as well as reaffirming my passion beyond doubt.

The prospect of being part of a community with shared enthusiasm enthrals me. As does equally, the chance to work with specialists who possess the knowledge and resources to enable me to reach my potential and truly flourish.

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