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The recent global environmental issues demonstrated in the media have deeply captivated my interest in studying an environmental course at university level. I believe that the importance of the environmental ecosystem is crucial for the survival and existence of our earth. This especially drives me to study an environmental science course in hopes to making a difference for the environment in the near future.

The significance of the environment to the world continually amazes me as it is an immensely powerful force that affects our society in all aspects, whether it is politically, socially or economically. My interest in the natural environment began while I was studying GCSE Science at secondary school. I was extremely motivated and interested in the environmental units in the course such as the nitrogen cycle, energy and food chains.

After completing my GCSE’s I was sure of taking the environmental and land-based studies advanced diploma next for my academic path. The course has further strengthened my interest and knowledge in the environmental world by demonstrating the significance of conserving the planet’s wildlife and plants and changing our daily habits to decrease carbon emissions. The diploma has offered experiences that have enhanced my awareness of the environmental field. This includes investigating the cause of decreasing lapwing nests at the London Wetland Centre for an assignment for my research methods unit and learning about the importance and uses of plants and animals for humans.

I especially enjoyed the practicality and applied learning while studying the diploma as this greatly helped me to complete external and internal assessments. My college provides a special room for the environmental and land-based diploma students that included wildlife originating from all over the world such as chameleons, tortoises and stick insects. This gave me a chance to be familiarized with the many diverse and exotic animals and learn about their value and status in our planet. During my first year of the advanced diploma, I had the opportunity of working on one of my favourite assignments for a unit on global impacts. This unit helped me achieve greater knowledge on the vast affects that climate change has on every aspect of the planet and the importance of developing a sustainable environment.

As part of my advanced diploma, I am working on an extended project on the current impact of fuel on the environment. One of my main goals for this project is to conduct an eco-friendly and efficient plan for using fuels in the global industrial society for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. I have had the chance to work in an environmental conference at City and Islington College titled “Our Planet, Your Choice”. Not only did this work experience help me gain more understanding about the importance of saving energy at home but it has also helped me improve my presentation and communication skills.

I have also volunteered my time to clean up litter, graffiti and improve habitats of the Thames foreshore in Battersea Bridge for an environmental charity called Thames21 which I greatly enjoyed and found to be a great success. After learning that air pollution in London is a cause for several deaths I decided to work on a project to help reduce air pollution in Islington for the Islington Giving’s UnLtd Challenge. I believe that this opportunity will be a great chance to figure out new ways for helping large cities like London to reduce air pollution for health and environmental benefits.

I believe that I am a very enthusiastic and motivated individual which I consider to be the key driving force for my academic achievement. Having attended a bilingual and international school, I have gained a beneficial skill of being fluent in both English and Arabic. I am an exceptional team worker and I am always punctual with deadlines for tasks and assignments. I believe that this course will significantly affect my future prospect of working to improve and transform our environment for the better. I also believe that this route will help my ambition of discovering a potentially revolutionary renewable energy for global use for an environmentally sustainable future.

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This personal statement was written by JudeAL for application in 2011.

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I managed to get all five offers - conditional. Unfortunately I changed my mind (wasn't as passionate as I used to be) and decided to pursue a career in Journalism instead.


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