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I must describe as undetermined the moment from which my compassion began to aim predominantly towards the natural environment and all the elements that compose it. With the passing of the years since my existence here on Earth, I have been able to witness behind the transparent glass of “development”, how our relationship with nature is becoming more noxious; on having assumed us with the right to take a big part of our Earth as if it was completely within our jurisdiction. By being in this tiny piece of our universe, this small lively area; I already feel fortunate enough, but being Ecuador the country that has chosen me to contemplate the sky while I walk their valleys or while I build paths through their Amazonian forests, the sensation turns into a bliss that arises from my vital center and expands to the infinitude of the Universe.

The baccalaureate was an epoch I consider as transcendental, because it allowed me to combine my passion for the study with my leadership steadfastness. I must accept that the fact of being elected as the president of my course by teachers and classmates in the last two consecutive years was more complex than I could foresee. The presidency also implied my assistance to meetings with authorities, to evaluate the yield of the course by means statistics.

Multiple times the authorities granted me the privilege of representing to our High school in certain activities and contests. One of them was the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, whose preparation I shared with the organization of our last Open House while I was one of the main managers. I will always remember those days as a vital experience that granted me the purest result of a well taken responsibility. At the end of the year, as a result of the equilibrium that I maintained between my responsibilities; I was named by honors for being one of the ten best students of the high school. Finally I could understand that the most complex liability is the path towards the true satisfaction.

The ethical framework of our relationship with nature has always enthralled my attention. This has been the main referring of my magnetism toward Sciences that get me involved with the study of life, such as Biology; combined with the study of Philosophy, and Poetry that exalts nature and that comes primarily headed with exponents as Whitman or Tagore. As well as my veganism by unshakable conviction, that has made me part of a small group that not only creates alternatives to publicize the harmful effects of "speciesism" at an ethical scale, and to an extended scale toward the entire ecosystem; we also disseminated ways to take complete advantage of the natural resources supporting a necessary sustainability.

When it was announced that a 0.1 % of our Yasuní National Park would be exploited to obtain oil; the bifurcations and the dichotomous paths were reduced to only one decision: I must be the one who counteracts the effects of the briefness of man expressed by that need of taking the world as proper. Through Environmental Science studies I will be able to acquire the foundations that my passion seeks to achieve, for a sustainable development; not only to our environment, but also considering the indigenous world view(cosmovision) that attempts to be modified and whose real perceptions are underestimated through incentives to yield the exploitation of their land.

When I project my days towards a future after my Environmental Science studies, is drawn in my mind as my first focus point: the Ecuadorian Amazon. Arguably the most biologically diverse area on Earth, Yasuni concerns us all; that influences my two main objectives that will be counteracting the effects that will cause the extraction of oil in the Yasuni National Park, and counteracting the effects already caused in the past by the Chevron oil company at Lago Agrio. Then, I will spread my essence to other vulnerable places on Earth; leaving my trace eternally marked on each of those places.

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