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With the rise of environmental issues in the media, many are beginning to see solving these issues as a spectator sport. A sport in which humanity relies on policy makers, scientists, and others to make changes for them. Our progress to halt climate change is not a result of growth, but actually regression. It is the result of our growing inability to exist at peace with nature rather than in constant conflict. Signified by the growing number of failed states, we are likely already past the point of no return. Through middle and high school I have been extremely driven to investigate natural processes, planetary response, and solutions to environmental problems.

Over the past four years, I have refined my broad interests to environmental science, biology, and statistics. I incline to understand challenges that humans and the environment face so I can rigorously rethink everything to promote a sustainable future in which generations to come can thrive. Studying environmental science would allow me to take an interdisciplinary approach and delve deeper into climate studies, sustainable agriculture, and environmental policy.

So far, I enjoyed Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science and Statistics which have allowed me to gain a solidified foundation in basic ecological concepts and give numbers to geographic theory. In Environmental Science, I was guided to take action, I focused on creating a permaculture to combat intensive agriculture prevalent in the US. The permaculture serves as a local food source to the school cafeteria, promotes sustainable farming, and a flagship example for other schools. This project allowed me to build upon my teamwork and communication skills, as well as expand my broader grasp of ecological concepts. Statistics has allowed me to gain real world examples of how to analyze data and conceptualize mathematical thinking to be applicable to science. As I prevailed in AP Biology, I was given the overarching structure of all scientific study through rigorous labs and expansion of my ability to analyze data to form firm scientific conclusions. In a broader sense, environmental studies is interdisciplinary and I can draw from environmental science, statistics, and biology to think critically about the world and how it works.

Being raised in the United States, I came to realize how powerful the geopolitics of the nation’s actions are. I was raised on enjoying nature and coincidentally, I found interests in sailing and skiing. Specifically, after sailing for nearly half of my life, I have come to conceptualize the detrimental effects that intensive agriculture have on water quality. I have also been able to work with children and adults of all ages, instructing sailing which has improved my verbal communication skills, vital at any university or workplace. Also, I began skiing at seven years old and ski racing at nine. Annually, I qualified for the Midwestern Junior Championships, a prestigious ski competition. Through skiing in competitions, I learned to not take myself too seriously and that having fun is always more important than winning. Creatively, I have found interest in photography, to tell stories, create color in a place where there is no light. Eventually, I see myself as visual storyteller shedding light on issues to initiate social change. In total, my interests in sailing, skiing, and photography have shaped me to be the creative, insightful person I am today.

After spending time traveling throughout North America and Europe and participating in the Global Scholars Diploma, I have been able to grasp what it means to be globally minded. I see myself thriving in a diverse and multicultural place like the UK. I hope to study further at university to expand my learning to relevant, real world applications and question everything to create a future that has to catch up to me. I must wholeheartedly contribute my all to learning and one day, I will contribute all that I know to the world.

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I am an international student from the US! I probably spent 6 months writing this, hopefully it's better than mediocre.


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