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I am aware of a Native American proverb which perfectly summarises my passion for studying Environmental Geography: "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

The idea of preserving this wonderful world for future generations inspires and motivates me to learn as much as I can about the earth. Knowledge of the natural world is the only way we can have a flourishing ecosystem of life on the earth which people will enjoy for generations to come. This notion is the catalyst and inspiration behind wanting to study Environmental Geography.

Growing up, I often asked myself; how do our actions impact the planet? These were the initial thoughts that drew me to physical sciences and a deep desire to increase my understanding of the world.

I recently read 'Whole Earth Discipline' by Stewart Brand; a book I found intriguing and inspiring. Having previously studied politics and sociology I found his views on environmental carrying capacity in relation to social and political policy particularly poignant.

Having visited the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America and witnessed firsthand the tremendous progress being made in sustainability, it has stimulated and driven me to pursue a career in the environment. The introduction of vertical farming in Singapore and Norway's environmental funding boost of over £1 billion is proof that things are changing for the better.

Studying global geographical diversity at university is an exciting prospect for me.

This beautiful planet is my home which I feel I am compelled to protect. Last year, I partook in a campaign to save greenbelt land which was earmarked for a housing development. I attended meetings, with hundreds of other concerned members of the public, to campaign against the proposed development.

My determination to prevent the destruction of the land meant I immersed myself in heated debates with the developer. I believe the passion from myself and the community was the sole reason for the proposals being rejected. Being enthusiastic and believing in something are traits I find vitally important in myself.

While working for a pet company I was able to fully appreciate the importance of a sustainable world.

Taking a particular interest in the aquatics, I learned even a small pH swing from acid rain can be enough to kill substantial amounts of fish. This knowledge, assembled through practical and theoretical training, built a foundation of information which I am eager and determined to build upon at university.

My teamwork skills and willingness to engage in conversation with my colleagues and the public meant I was able to thrive at my job.

Having studied previously, I also have a background in the social sciences. I believe that social, economical and political aspects overlap greatly with geographical sustainability.

Like the wind, seas and land, the makeup of our social, economic and political structure is forever changing. Working to report deadlines, my time management skills have flourished which is vital to cope well and thrive in the university environment.

During my studies I would love the opportunity to participate in a student exchange to broaden my knowledge. Having researched the degree, taking a year abroad to develop as a person and to improve my career aspirations is something I wouldn't want to miss out on.

My aspiration for the future is to use my degree to develop a higher understanding of the geographical and environmental problems we experience today, and to work with others who share the same zest for improvement as I do with one shared goal; to advance, enhance and promote a sustainable, environmentally friendly world.

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