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As the environment and documented effects of Global Climate Change become ever more prominent in the news and our daily lives, I feel highly enthusiastic towards the subject of geography and the many fields that branch from it. From a young age, the weather and physical environment has captivated my interest, with each new natural phenomena occurring inspiring me to study the field in greater detail. What fascinates me most is that wherever you look, from whatever perspective, whether it be social, economic or political, one can always make links to the environmental sciences.

I believe that I display an aptitude for the study of both the terrestrial and atmospheric environment, and its significance to the Earth's population through its social and economic effects on a local, national, or global level. My current choice of A level subjects has stimulated a greater interest for me to study the physical side of the environmental sciences, with emphasis on the atmosphere and field of meteorology; however I see myself as a well-rounded student and show interest in all fields of study. By studying maths in my AS year I also feel that I have developed the ability to approach situations more logically, which in my opinion is an essential skill that can be applied to many aspects of a degree course.

Outside of my college studies, I have grasped the opportunity to extend my knowledge of the subject; one way in which I have achieved this is through reading a variety of literature on the various fields that extend from the subjects that I am currently studying, with magazines such as ‘Geography Review’ and books including ‘Meteorology Today 7th Edition’, and many more. It is this further learning which I believe to be the main driver to my academic success. I have also taken part in a course on Futurelearn, ‘Causes of climate change’ which I have found very beneficial as I feel it has given me a taste of university-style teaching through the online lectures, and has provided me with a collection of further reading materials, the content of which I have been able to incorporate into my current studies, such as the effects of man-made greenhouse gases on global feedback systems. I am also currently taking part in a number of short courses on MetEd, which I have found particularly fascinating as it is giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on processes that I am learning about in class with the aid of up-to-date raw climate data from internationally recognised institutions.

During my time in both secondary and further education, I have also had the chance to build on skills that I believe are essential to any university student. During year 11, I was elected deputy head boy of my school; with this came a number of responsibilities such as representing the school at open evenings and other school events. During my summer break between year 11 and college, I was given the opportunity to take part in a three day university summer school at the UEA, where I took part in activities designed to give us a taste of university life, which I found fun and made me more determined to study for a degree. Most recently, I have been accepted to train as an alpine ski instructor at my local dry ski slope. Through this I have been able to build my confidence teaching groups of varied size and age. I feel that this opportunity has given me the chance to give something back to the club, as I have been a member for over 10 years and already volunteered my time at Junior Club sessions on a Saturday morning.

I see myself as a very enthusiastic and motivated learner, and am able to work both on my own and in groups of various size and see myself as very punctual and well mannered. Though I am aware of the hard work that will arise from studying at university, I look forward to the satisfaction of being able to apply my newfound knowledge into practical work, and hopefully in a future career in the environmental sector.

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