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From an early childhood I have always had a very close relationship with the nature and the Earth. When I was younger and as a representative of Slovakia in squash visited many countries either when I travelled on my own, every time I was fascinated how different the various locations of our planet are. Diverse plants, animals, rivers, seas, mountains, soils, rocks, climates,... all these elements are functioning in a magical harmony, they change, adapt, develop and create a form and an image of our planet since it exists.

During the last few years I am focusing my interest more on one specific group of beings and their relationship with our planet- the human race. After many years of evolution we have developed and improved our intelligence and because of that we separated ourselves from other animal species. It is really unbelievable and admirable, what people are able to do today. On the other hand, our existence has a huge negative impact on this world, and this impact increases every day as a direct proportion to the growing population.

Few years ago when I started being seriously interested in environmentalism I came into a closer contact with definitions such as a climate change, melting of glaciers, greenhouse effect, disappearing rainforests or an extinction of animal and plant species. I realized how serious these dangers are and I started to get really worried about the future of our planet, if some changes are not made immediately. We are not only destroying the natural habitat of many organisms, but also the environment and the habitat of ourselves, our children, our grandchildren... often only a little changes in an everyday life can lead to a bigger improvement in the future.

Three years ago my high school participated in an international environmental program called Blue Tilgnerka. With the support of a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway we were able to implement many successful projects, such as the rain pond in the school areal or a setup of the green roofs. The main result was transformation of our school building into the more ecological and environmentally friendly one. Another positive effect was educative. Not only we, older students, learned new things and got experience, but during the realization of the program we presented and explained the plans, reasons and results of these projects to the younger students. I am very thankful for the chance to be a part of this very interesting program. It inspired me and induced my interest in our environment, our planet and the solutions of the problems which today's world faces. I decided that this is exactly what I want to do in the future; it influenced my personal goals and ambitions for my next education.

Although I always liked and tried to do my best in all of the subjects (during whole high school I only got excellent marks), last year I decided to focus mainly on natural sciences as they can help me to understand all environmental issues and problems better. That is the reason why I have chosen physics and mathematics for my high school final exams.

My other hobbies include creative activities like drawing and writing. I have always loved to invent new things, new options and possibilities, find different solutions and think out of the box. I believe that creativity, open mindedness and extraordinary thinking with the combination of logic and knowledge would be very essential traits while studying and later working in the field of the environmental sciences.

I would be very grateful for the opportunity of studying at a university in the United Kingdom, mainly because of the high quality of the education in the program which I have chosen to study. I have also always liked the British culture and nature and this would be an amazing chance to get to know it better. And the last but not least, I would love to try living on my own, to meet new people and to become more independent and responsible.

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