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There was never any doubt that I would pick environmental science. Studying at sixth form has made me realise that my favourite parts of each subject are based on the processes and sustainability of the environment. For my Product Design coursework, I was redesigning manufactured goods to be ‘greener’; making a lamp that was 80% more efficient and could also be broken down to be recycled. I prevailed in the organic module of AS Chemistry in which I learnt about the use of fossil fuels and pollutants. And in Maths, I concluded that the statistics module was the most rewarding because it showed me how the subject is integrated into almost everything; I was using methods from my statistics class to help me with my Geography coursework, in which I surveyed a river environment and how humans influence it – I took pleasure in wading through a river and the great sense of fulfilment to draw a conclusion from information I had gathered and processed myself.

I feel that this course will satisfy my curiosity about the world around us, and hope it will lead me to a career that aims to find ways to use the world’s resources in a sustainable way. I have not missed an opportunity to get involved with extra-curricular activities; as I was walking through school to head home after some particular activities, I was often greeted by teachers making statements such as, ‘Are you still here?’ but I kept coming back.

Being part of every girl’s team available, and captaining some select games, meant that I set aside a lot of time to the cause; but this was no chore, I love the social side of sports because everyone involved has so much enthusiasm, which they portray in such an energetic manner. I joined clubs out of school, representing the South Bucks hockey team in the Thames Valley games and playing in an under sixteen’s netball club let me meet many new people that I shared a common interest with. I also became part of a non-competitive hockey club for older hockey players, where the training was more vigorous and my team mates were a lot wiser – I often had to decline invitations to the pub, purely because I was too young - but the harder training routines improved my self discipline that lead me to having new skills.

For games such as netball and rounders it is essential to cooperate and follow instructions; you have to play your part in the game, doing this has not only taught me how to be part of a team, but how to lead one too. I am now part of the sports council, representing the sixth-form, we are currently working to encourage younger pupils to attend after school sports clubs and are organising a sports day for year seven. I also represent sixth form in the school council where we discuss how to make school a better environment for everybody; the latest proposal was to introduce paper recycling.

My school holds a summer awards evening every year for the lower school, I acquired awards for my work in various subjects and one for service, these made me feel like quite the specialist and encouraged me to put more effort in and lend a hand to others. I was made a prefect in year eleven and am now a senior student, I was very eager to help in the smooth running of the school to give back a little of what I have been given in extra-curricular time and resources. Last year I helped out in a year nine maths class once a week, I felt a sense of satisfaction when students were able to use concepts that I had explained to them. Also last year, when GCSEs were over, I started to teach myself guitar. Starting off, it took self-motivation to keep on learning as things got harder, and fingerprints started to wear off, but now I am part of a band and I know that it was undoubtedly worth the effort.

I have always loved learning new fields of knowledge and I am looking forward to exploring them in more depth at a higher level. I see university as an opportunity to utilise better facilities and expertise, and I understand that I must contribute all I can and rise to all the challenges put to me.

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This personal statement was written by Mighty Milly for application in 2006.

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I asked a teacher to read over this and he said it was bordering on being chatty but he also said not to change it.

I only had one informal interview where we talked about my application, but the guy said it was the most "powerful" opening sentence he had read.


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mmm rivers

who doesn't get pleasure from wading through rivers?

why could u nt permently be

why could u nt permently be captain nt good enough

Like it, though what about

Like it, though what about gap year plans.

i am currently applying to

i am currently applying to unis , and needed help with personal statemnet, ur personal statement is very well sturctured and has advanced my willingness to apply for a earth or geo realted subject even more.thanks for ur help....much appreciated!!

slightly too much about

slightly too much about herself more than the topic and why she's passionate about it. otherwise, welldone for all the extra curricular activities.

I'd agree with the teacher

I'd agree with the teacher who said this was too chatty, it's far too informal in style, horrendously arrogant and is very clumsy to read. The list of extra curricular activities is very impressive but I think a better job could be done of selling them.

There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with telling them everything you've achieved and the things you've done, as long as you talk abouth the subject as well.


Shes not arragant!

great start...can u help me :

great start...can u help me :) pls. i jus cant start!!! :(


why the enviroment


no i said why the enviroment

bog standard

i thought this was unstructured and gave little information about your interest in the subject and how your previous experiences have helped you choose this subject and how also they will hope you excel. i doubt very much this got you accepted at any university.

and yes arrogant, confidence is needed but not too much.
peace and love x

nice personal statement but

nice personal statement but no tenough emphasis on why you want to go to unversity and what you will be able to offer the community there and when you are done with your course........otherwise not bad.

Not bad, but it seemed more

Not bad, but it seemed more like an application for sports science than environmental science. Too much emphasis on extra-curricular activities rather than passion for the subject.


What a pretentious berk.

too much emphasis on co

too much emphasis on co-curriculum's rather than the main subject.otherwise its lovely.

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