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Drama Personal Statement

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt” (Measure for Measure, I, IV) Here Shakespeare verbalises the overwhelming necessity of losing your inhibitions and daring to achieve, that have aided my open mind, confident demeanour and positive outlook, enabling me to overcome challenges such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award Silver expedition.

My passion for the Performing Arts has been evident ever since I can remember; I’ve always wanted to act. Nothing can replace the blood-rushing, adrenaline-pumping, infinite feeling of totally immersing yourself, delving beyond the flesh and exposing the soul of the character.

I find the combination of Theatre Studies and Performing Arts have broadened my knowledge of the theatrical field, rounding me as an actor. My studies in Drama at college have invited me to explore new styles and practitioners; my AS piece focused on the “The Theatre of the Absurd.” I performed a piece by Eugene Ionesco in the style of Antonin Artaud, which was both chilling and fascinating, gaining me the highest of marks.

During my study of Greek Theatre, I played Aphrodite, a sexual temptress demanding that I lost inhibition and held complete dominance over both audience and characters on stage. Performing Arts has introduced me to such techniques as Invisible Theatre and In-Yer-Face Theatre; both challenge the audiences’ perception of reality and have inspired my approach to rehearsal and production.

I have also experienced a backstage approach to performance, doing sound and visual elements for a college production of “Oh! What A Lovely War!” It was refreshing to be behind instead of on the stage! I am currently working on the role of Mephistopheles, in Doctor Faustus.

For my persistent contribution to the department and outstanding hard work, I have just been awarded an Annual Achievement Award in Performing Arts.

A Level English Literature has fuelled my passion for reading, revealing new found interests in genres I had barely investigated, such as poems and classical fiction. It has also greatly built my confidence and fluency in essay tasks and written work, which transfer across to all of my chosen subjects.

A Level Textiles is yet another creative outlet for me, enabling me to explore the fashion that often influences the costumes that grace the stage. It also gives me great independence in investigation of the fashion industry and the annual fashion show enabled me to develop my stage presence.

Performing has been a constant in my life. I have had the opportunity to play many roles, my first major part was the character of Viola in an abridged version of “Twelfth Night,” for Shakespeare Schools Festival, performing in front of a thousand people. The part was both challenging and invigorating, sparking my passion for the Bard’s verse.

I later played Witch 1 in “Macbeth,” and since joining “The Villagers Open Air Shakespeare Group,” have taken on the roles of Hero, Paulina, Olivia and Juliet.

However, none of these achievements compare to my acceptance into the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, an organisation I auditioned for early February this year. Out of five thousand applicants I was one of four hundred (a number reduced from the previous year) accepted onto their Stadium Arts Summer Course, a two week residential in August.

During the course, the importance of ensemble work in the theatre became very apparent and has given me a completely different outlook to performance; I now value every element that contributes to a production, not just the leading roles.

Having taken an active role in my schooling years as Prefect, Head Girl and Student Governor along with Girl Guiding leadership training, I feel I am able to accept and succeed in challenging roles. My determination to excel, my resilience and overall dedication to the subject makes me the perfect candidate and the sole reason why nothing would suit me better than a degree in Drama.

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This personal statement was written by Gina_luh for application in 2000.

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Applying for Queen Marys, Royal Holloway, Middlesex, Rose Bruford and Drama Centre (via UCAS) and RADA, ALRA, Guildhall and GSA.

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Just wondering which of the

Just wondering which of the places you applied for you were successful in?

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