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I've always found there to be something special about the theatre, the smell of it, the coldb before a rehearsal or performance, the heat during, that sparkling possibility of building a whole world on top of bare boards. A space inside which an audience can be immediately transported to anywhere, anytime and introduced to a plethora of people and emotions, be made to laugh, cry, hate, to be disgusted and angered, lifted and dumped, to think; to feel. The power that these spaces can wield, the possibilities, are endless.

I have always felt an affinity for the theatre, though it wasn't until I met my Drama and Theatre Studies tutor, Jon Aldridge, at Penwith College that my taste for theatre became more of an addiction. At first it was everything about acting that fascinated me, I spent hours studying scripts, practitioners and actors in a quest to improve myself and as my scope widened I began to focus on the processes involved in staging a production, the direction of a piece, understanding of a text and also the scripting itself. Everything about the art began to consume me and this was given an outlet during my second year when we were handed the task of devising and performing an original piece of theatre. I relished the challenge and whilst everyone in the group contributed I took on the responsibility of writing, directing and scoring the piece, which dropped only six points from a possible one hundred and forty, across the seven group members involved.

Over the four years I worked with Jon and IMAGO I was introduced to and performed in an expansive range of productions encompassing many different writing and performance styles, giving me a real insight into the different methods used to produce theatre, from stylised expressionism to Russian naturalism, 'in-yer-face' theatre and avant-garde theatre to the 'theatre of the absurd'.

These roles and productions include Dan in 'Closer', Krogstad in 'A Doll's House', Trofimov in 'The Cherry Orchard', Mr.Samsa in 'Metamorphosis', Agamemnon in 'Agamemnon', Various in 'A Letter for Queen Victoria', Dan in 'Sexual Perversity in Chicago', Vladimir in 'Waiting for Godot', Hamm in 'Endgame', Aston in 'The Caretaker' and Josef K in 'The Trial'. The latter we took on a four week tour of the U.S.A.

The range of roles that I have been given during this time has taught me a great deal about myself. These rich and vivid characters teach the actor so much, not only about the psychology of a character but also about the historical, political and social contexts surrounding the play in question, making every production a learning curve. My time working alongside a professional director as experienced and committed as Jon on so many productions has also paid dividends to the way I approach theatre, his meticulous approach and organisation can only act as a model for any future production I am involved in.

I've decided to pursue a degree in Drama and Theatre rather than an Acting degree because the range of skills gained are better suited for a career in the profession. After my degree I wish to take on further training, an Acting or Directing MA perhaps. Ultimately I'd love to be involved in a specialised area of the theatre industry, or teaching in higher education.

Away from the theatre I am a passionate musician and give private tuition in my spare time. I read a lot, which is never enough. I love socialising and all the normal past times that go with it: films, the beach, drinking, dancing and playing football.

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This personal statement was written by fwatkins2 for application in 2000.


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my god!
this is amazin!
i wish i could steal it and call it my own hehe
never mind though
u helped me alot XD
thanks so much
uni here i come! x


This is fab!

Just one piece of advice: take out the comment about drinking! That's a really bad impression to leave the admissions people with when the rest of the statement is so good! Beth x

Smell Fetisher

The smell?

The smell?

The first thing you love about theatre is the smell?

Bit crap that.


this is really gooda as i love theatre to. However, i dont feel as if i know you as a person, bit more of personality woulda been good:). i still loved it though!

i liked this you chicken

i liked this you chicken chonga

I liked it, i think its a

I liked it, i think its a good personal statement. altho, my only criticsim is the opening sentance, I think its a little over the top, maybe if you started to talk about your love and passion for drama? and what inspired you to study it? rather than the smell of a theatre... that is my only advice, but all in all a pretty decent statment.. well done and good luck :D


I liked your personal

I liked your personal statement very much. I think it's honest and that's its best advantage.
And I must admit, I was fascinated when I read that you've played the role of Dan in "Closer". That's my favourite play!

Yeah it's alright, take out

Yeah it's alright, take out the end though. Also you don't really go into enough detail about your favourite types of theatre and why.

It's good though :)


Yeah it's alright, take out the end though. Also you don't really go into enough detail about your favourite types of theatre and why.

It's good though :)


What does the theatre smell like???

Hi. I thought this was a

Hi. I thought this was a strong personal statement. There were a few points which weren't relevent or particularly strong but, overall, the good outweighed the bad - i'm hoping the universities also had this view!
Thank you for submitting your statement - it's given me inspiration on how to write my own.
Good luck with your future path :)

take out the 'i love drinking

take out the 'i love drinking part'

thx you've given me an idea

thx you've given me an idea for high school .....well done



This is Amazing.

Yep, I'm just going to repeat the comment title. This. Is. Amazing. And I know, I'm wearing it out, but this is seriously one hell of an awesome statement.

I, too, have an interest in theatre. I like how your started with remembering and liking the smell of it--it's a little, tiny detail that most people would overlook; the fact that you didn't, and even thought to mention it, would give anyone a good impression and confirmation that you really ARE interested in theatre and the likes.

And then, you go on to your experiences in theatre. It tells the readers that you know what you are saying in your statement. That you have a clear idea on what theatre is all about, you know what you are doing, and will be able to contribute to the school as well as benefit from you time there.

As I mentioned earlier, this is really, truly a work of art. Good job!

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