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Ever since I can remember, one of my family's favorite and most special pass times was to go out and watch a play. Each time, I was amazed by the experience and the actors and wished to be like them one day.

I am very lucky that I have now started to be able to work with a group of talented people, this has helped me a lot to develop my skills both personally and academically. I believe that Drama helps me to understand the emotions of people around me. Whether I am on stage or rehearsing a play; it has always been great using my talents and my knowledge to maintain my journey to stages of others' emotions and minds. Therefore I want to study Drama so that I can gain more knowledge about Drama and, maybe one day, become a respected actress.

I started to be interested in drama in more detail when my family and I moved to London. When I look back, I see that it was hard to be away from home but school drama lessons and going to the theatre helped me to deal with the differences in my life at a very young age. I will always appreciate it. I was 13 years old when we first moved, I started going to secondary school and took drama lessons as an optional subject. As the time passed by, I found drama helpful to overcome my fear of being abroad and helped me to make friends from different cultures. Another thing I love about drama is the fact that one way or another drama introduces me into different physical environments and environments on stage.

Experience, in life, is as important as studies at school. I think that every experience I have will eventually come back to me in the future as a challenge and I will be able to learn from these experiences. Therefore I try to be involved in as many organizations as I can; for instance; I am a member of an organization which has drama classes for young people and we prepare a play every summer for World Youth Days Festivals. Apart from that I love being involved in community services such as planting trees to plain mountains, fundraising for the poor, making people aware of global warming and going to bi-communal camps and meetings about the future of Cyprus with different organizations. It helps me to be aware of things going on around me and the world and also helps to build up my character. I love the feeling I get every time I realize I have done = something good for my community, nature and the world in general.

Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean and it is sunny most of the year. I see this as an advantage to take part in activities in my spare time. Therefore, for fun; I like going out with my friends to watch plays, movies or concerts. Other than that I like sports such as skating and swimming, these help me to release the tension built up by the stress of studying and everyday life. So outside of school and community services; I try to have a quiet and simple environment to relax my mind and body.

Like everyone else I have a plan for my future, which is to focus on drama and postgraduate in directing and to one day, come back to Cyprus and help my People to further develop a theatre culture and to open my own drama school not only to help young people interested in Drama but also to help others to become interested in it. I want to study in England because I believe that it is the best education I can get, especially in drama for which England has a long history. This I discovered when I was introduced to Shakespeare and his plays during my English Literature lessons. I also believe that I can be successful because; I want to achieve the goals I have set myself, the main goal being good in the field of drama. Therefore to get where I want to be I believe I should study in England

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