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Give myself completely to the moment. Surrender myself to my deepest emotion. Lose myself into a character alien to that of mine. Escape from realism that occurs around me. Create my own intense, unrealistic setting but yet with such a profound truth and honesty. Grasp Reality. Escape from it, bend it, and give in to that specific reality. Reality as it is written on those pages filled with black ink portraying emotions. The art of transposing those words to their righteous place, the theater, with an instrument so unique and so personal, my own body, is one of the most exciting and freeing arts to learn.

I am determined to explore my ability in drama and expand my knowledge in this matter relentlessly. As an actor I am obliged to do so, because getting the very best out of my acting ability is my pursuit of excelling. Currently I am taking drama classes at Het Paleis in Antwerp. We spend a lot of time analyzing body movement, how to gain awareness of my body and how to move fluently on stage. Performing several plays a year boosts my confidence to give myself every time to the moment.Playing one of the lead roles in A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare has given me insight in creating a character, and thereby being it yourself, in an Elizabethan play. But I could not suppress the feeling that due the Dutch translation the intensity of the original has gone astray.

I felt myself compelled to deepen myself in English monologues and the technique to do this in a proper way. Especially pronunciation has to be accurate. I have always played theater in my mother tongue; Dutch. As satisfactory as that may be, acting in a foreign language is my new aspiration. Developing this skill meticulously is best achievable in an English teaching environment.

I play the piano since I was 7. The influence that this dexterity has contributed to my acting skills is not trivial. Music is a story filled with emotions transposed to paper in notes. Every pianist translates those notes with their own interpretation of those emotions. Given that dimension, playing the piano, or any other instrument, is in a sense comparable to acting.
I have played a character in the musical The Wizard of Oz. That experience gave me the possibility to enhance my singing capacity. The interaction with other actors is especially intense when singing a duet.It creates a moment so intimate and powerful. Composing piano music for several plays at my hometown theatre was a very challenging undertaking. It was very important to write music that connected with the characters. I have spent plenty of time analyzing plays, looking for the variety of emotions and feelings. To compose music for plays,I had to know every character. What I learned by doing this, is comprehend a play in detail.

The fact that acting in English is a new challenging aptitude for me, makes it even more important and motivating to have a chance to learn and develop this skill in one of the best drama schools in the world. The stress on pronunciation training and audition speeches upgrades this specific course for me personally to a made-to-measure syllabus. And for the reason that I am still studying at Karel-de-Grote University in Antwerp makes it truly perfect that this course is both concise and intensive. The timing cannot be more ideal.

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This personal statement was written by philip here for application in 2010.

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Hi,this is my first drama statement letter I wrote. This is an application for a 2 weeks intensive training program in English monologues at LAMDA only for foreign students.English is not my mother tongue. So please if it is possible give me feedback when something is very wrong or bad written.


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i Love this personal

i Love this personal statement. The opening paragraph i want to rob and call it my own. i really hope you get into the uni/ drama school you want. you clearly have a great passion for drama and i wish you the best of luck.


Wow that opening statement explained what drama is. Few people can do that. Wow, just wow. You should be so, so, so proud of that statement!

Its REALLY great just check

Its REALLY great just check it youv missspelled theatre 'theater'

This is incredible! I'm not

This is incredible! I'm not sure many people who call English their first language could write as well as you do- this is just awesome :-) hope it went well!

i think this is the best i

i think this is the best i read so far

I find it hard putting my

I find it hard putting my love for acting into words but in your opening paragraph you did it so beautifully. I'm sure you've done the same for a lot of us who can't sum up their love for the art on paper :)

What a tragic statement

When people read personal statements, they want to admire applicants. This statement was cringey and full of empty statements. I would throw this in the bin.

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