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The stage is a very intoxicating mixture to me, the bright lights, the new character and a audience to amaze, all these parts of drama even as a little girl I found exciting. I would go to theatre's and see play's and just dream of being apart of that some day, Drama inspired me to succeed in my education and has been a passion of mine for many years. What draws me so strongly, to drama is that it has always been a liberating experience for me. I adore the idea of being apart of something bursting with charisma and enthusiasm. I feel that the theatrical experiences that I have had, have been a gift. I would love to explore the chance to gain more knowledge about the subject and to gain more personal experience and skill in this area.

Whilst studying drama I have acted many character's and been amazed by the camouflage, an actor undertakes to bring to life a character. I was 'Winnie' in 'Female Transport,' This character was an upbeat, overly chatty woman but 'Winnie' was enjoyable character to act, where as I was cast as Andormache in 'Trojan Woman' there is great deal of emotion that Andormache experiences, It was a great opportunity to act a character who dealt with such raw emotion, which helped provide a contrast of characters.

I also have experience in backstage work; I helped lighting, props and makeup. My favourite set I worked on was Westside story at Dean close, there always a lot to do and I really enjoyed the experience of a different side to theatre. Drama helped uncover so many hidden aspects of myself but what drama gave me were the skills to analyse a play but it showed me the importance of teamwork, and because I am apart of the schools Hockey team, I am a good leader prefer but I prefer being apart of a team of equals. I am also learning business studies which I thought would help me understand the financial part of the theatre industry, it has helped me to get to grips with how I would manage a production team. I was apart the young enterprise team at my school which gave me further experience of how to manage finace in an actual company setting. Our business was very successful and went to the south west finals.

As well I study psychology; I enjoy psychology because I am fascinated with human behaviour. But psychology has been very useful for my drama helping to understand certain aspects of the human mind giving me an advantage in being able to analysis characters and their desires. Psychology helped me often when trying to get to the bottom of how a character experiencing such emotions and it gave me the idea of how that character might act.

In my spare time, I spent a lot of time with young children; due to my family having close relation with many young children, as well as babysitting children in my neighbourhood. I like doing this because I think it I helped me gain many skills, like patience and it helped me understand children and how they grow. I love to sing and enjoy many things like walking that is how I earned my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.

Before going to university I am taking a gap year, in my GAP the year ill be participating within a course that helps me get to grips with directing and acting as a career learning from experienced thespians, I think it will help me understand the industry as whole and it will make me more determined to follow acting as a career. After my drama degree, I aim to be accepted at a drama school, to help perfect my acting, so I can therefore go forward and act having a large amount of experience and understanding of theatre. I think the combination of the experiences; will give me an edge over other actors due to the large amount of understanding I will gain.

I look forward to the drama course as a new challenge and I am determined to excel.

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This personal statement was written by sammyturner for application in 2010.

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it has taken me so long, and i would love comments.! thanks!


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youve failed (apart from the first sentence)

these comments r absurd, how

these comments r absurd, how can u sit there and write useless comments like urself? Fools

i like this i think its

i like this i think its genuine.

Please look at the word

Please look at the word 'apart'. It is mostly needed as 2 words, not one. You also need to look at your grammar. It is a good statement, but you need to refine it a little more to get the best results. Focus on your other skills as well as experiences. A well rounded person is more likely to succeed ...
Good Luck

older gentlemen 234

when I was a young boy my father told me how to write a personal statement. Before he died his last words were..
your personla staement brough a tear to my eye. It brought me back to the love he shared through his instruction and teaching.
I comment you son, I commend you.

I think

I think

This is really good, its

This is really good, its interesting and thats what it needs to be noticed. I think everyone else who left comments are jealous and stupid tbh and i dont know why they seem to have so much free time to spend insulting people.

Good luck :)


hi could you let me know how it went with your application ddoyle2000@hotmail.co.uk

I really like this personal

I really like this personal statement it seems very honest, genuine and its straight to the point.I liked it because i think it reflects your personality well without you seeming to show off. :)

It has helped me a great deal in writing mine aswell, so thankyou...

Oh and by the way, some comments left by some people are just plain nasty and rude!

saying that ' I would never let you into my university' is just mean and extremely ridiculous, if you have any level of inteligence you will be able to relaise that this is a well written personal statment,and in future leave you awful comments to yourself! (id really love to see your personal statements by the way, to see how they comapare)

Anyways, I really liked this personal statement and i hope you get everything you want from drama and university :)

Peace and love



You could be a bit nicer to

You could be a bit nicer to her, Yes it might need some work but some of your comments are a bit harsh.

It is a very good personal

It is a very good personal statement. Bad comments are there only to prove how good it is. It is said that around a good idea there are a million idiots to laugh about it. Good luck

Work on your use of

Work on your use of apostrophies. For goodness sake.

Wow! this is good ! This has

Wow! this is good ! This has really helped me with my personal statement and given me inspiration! I think it reveals how you truly feel about drama and how it has been a big part of your life !


i think you show a lot of

i think you show a lot of passion in this, its coming from the heart

OMG its amazing!! its so

OMG its amazing!! its so inspiring..its really helped me write mine, thanks alot! hope you got into the the uni u wantd to go 2!!! :)
p.s ignore the rude comments, they're just sad losers that have nothing else to do and take it out on other people..

I think you need to say more

I think you need to say more about things you've learned!!

it's so touching!...not. girl

it's so touching!...not. girl, you need to grow some balls. make it focused. i know its hard to write a personal statement. show that you deserve to go to places and be with extraordinary people.

Well, I must be reading a

Well, I must be reading a different thing to the people who have commented saying horrible things, but honestly, this is a fantastic statement. :) thank you, it was really helpful :D <3

Luke i am your fatha




Very helpful

Very helpful

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