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I want to return to studying so that I can better myself for the future and gain qualifications for some of the skills that I already possess. I want to start studying computers and information systems, I already have extensive knowledge and experience in this subject and I regret not going straight back in to education when I left school so I am doing it now.

I have over 12 years experience with computers and I am always doing something with them whether it's day to day tasks such as word processing or more complex subjects such as web design and administrating Linux web servers and making sure they are secure. I currently administrate two Linux web servers as a hobby for a couple of web sites that I run. One of the sites has grown so rapidly over the last two years it has required its own dedicated server to run as shared web hosting would not suffice.

With the two web servers that I currently administrate I have configured them from the ground up. I have configured DNS to route the server IP address to my chosen domain name, FTP server, MYSQL Database Server and Apache for serving web pages. I have also automated the process of making daily backups of the data held on the server. I am also constantly monitoring these servers to make sure they are running efficiently and also keeping up to date with security issues and making sure my servers are not vulnerable to current exploits etc.

As you can probably determine from what I have explained above I would like to work towards a career in IT. I would love to go down the Server Admin Route or get into computer security as they are the main areas which interest me the most, although i would like to consider myself open to all areas of IT as it is something which i enjoy to do at home on a regular basis.

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This personal statement was written by Meads for application in 2009.

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Just looking for your views on my personal statement. It is for a fast track course which lasts 7 weeks which i will then go on to do an undergraduate degree in Computing (Information Systems).

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