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My interest in Business and Computing began when I started learning STEM, a new area of study introduced in Year 8 at Skinners. Within this subject, I became accustomed to a different style of teaching, with long projects which had real world applications, such as modelling, creating, and marketing a prototype phone, to be incorporated into schools. This is where I first experienced market research, CAD, and web design. It was a transformative subject in my school career, driving me to participate in extracurricular research, for example finding different web APIs, and evaluating existing implementations of features that these platforms offer. This understanding is what enabled me to program a website using jQuery. I am currently a prefect of Business and Careers, as a part of this, I have participated in the ICAEW BASE National competition, receiving an honourable mention. Learning from experts at this event prompted me to pursue further research in this field at university level.

Recently I have appreciated Elon Musk for his large contribution and movement of our current conformities into something new, built upon present day scientific advancements, creating betterment environmentally, socially and economically. I believe his revolutionary and extensive research is complemented by his company's ability to bring this to the consumer market. Reading an article in the New York Times on how Tesla and Apple could each benefit from competition in innovation highlighted how business strategy can be combined with technological advancement, producing profits, while improving the quality of life for humanity in the process. I believe this is the future, as access to Big Data is now available to everyone. R&D teams are able to create products with sophisticated engineering and computer systems more openly. One illustration is that of Elon Musk's SpaceX, from my further reading I was intrigued to find his vast research departments from Tesla have been able to share information freely to develop battery technology used in the Falcon Rockets. This scenario is replicated with Tesla's partnership with NVIDIA. Their website explains that driverless cars require large processing power in both hardware and software terms, the partnership sanctions cooperation in programming teams, creating well optimised systems.

After discovering my interest, I pursued my studies of Business and IT by locating opportunities to expand my knowledge, and challenge myself in various real world situations. In 2013 I applied to HMRC in order to register my proposition of a small startup company. My five year plan was to create a locally based computing firm, providing websites, technical support and computer building and repair services. This was inspired by a pattern I noticed whilst I was editing our local parish magazine, with a large elderly population seeking assistance promoting local markets and clubs, as well as home use. I programmed a tool that helped me calculate how much I would charge for different 3D printed orders. This was then used to create a database where I logged orders, and information regarding sales.

I plan to create my own business, whether this be full time or in conjunction with other pursuits, as it has always been my ambition to have my own image. I have learnt from my venture that a business is a multifaceted operation, which requires higher levels of multitasking and micromanaging than I had at first anticipated. However I also discovered gratification for my work, and felt motivated to spend more time on independent and voluntary exercises.

I think a degree in Computing and Business would expand on my current fascination with our society's foundation on technological progression and sustainability, challenging me to acquire and master vital attributes needed to be an owner, coordinator or director of future companies. Subsequently it would help me culminate knowledge to support a business, in our quickly evolving economy.

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