Computer Games Programming Personal Statement

Gaming has always been a significant passion of mine ever since my uncle gave me my very first games console when I was only 4, the Sega Mega Drive 2. The minute I opened that present, my world changed, despite the simplicity of Sonic the Hedgehog, it allowed me to escape from reality and live in another universe. As I got older, my passion for gaming flourished, it swelled into a way of life for me but the yearning to discover how this miraculous form of media was created has only just been born within me due to the presence of modification kits such as the Bethesda creation engine.

Since then, much of my spare time has been spent reading gaming magazines to keep up to date with the gaming industry as a whole. Much of my time now is dedicated towards my studies, but some hours are also spent on YouTube channels such as ‘Tek Syndicate’ which are dedicated towards computing hardware. Watching videos may seem trivial but they have taught me the inner workings of a computer and persuaded me to explore the depths of a computer, which for me was delving into uncharted territories where even the best knowledge and preparations does not compare to actual hands-on experience.

In the past few months, teaching myself how to code has been a top priority in my free time, knowing how to code in at least “Java” will give me an advantage in the learning other languages such as “C++” which are part of the course. In order to do this, I utilised the website “Code Academy” which has been very helpful in learning the basics of several different programing languages such as “Java” and how they use certain values such as “Booleans”. Being independent is something I am very excited about but is also a skill I wish to substantially improve on during my course at university as it would give me the life skills required for further life and living away from home.

To succeed in university certain skills are required, team work being one of them. During my time at school and sixth form, working within a team has always been a key role in many of my lessons: team debates within History as well as activities outside lessons such as being a part of the house council during my time at High School, sharing ideas to create a better experience, not just for the students in the house but also for the whole school in general.

Another skill is the ability to learn academically difficult subjects, and this is a skill I have had to work on as the jump from GCSE to A-Level was substantial for the subjects I has chosen. Biology and History have a lot of depth to them and require rigorous amounts of effort and enthusiasm towards the learning of them, not just in class but also independently. Learning a coding language is very similar to learning an actual language; learning rules and applying them the different and challenging situations and as I study French, I believe I will be able adapt the skills of remembering and application from that subject and apply them to learning a computer coding language.

Whilst on my study leave during the gap between Year 11 and Sixth form, I had a part time job of being part of a team of “relief Staff”, our job was to help out in any way possible by shredding paper, photocopying or even sorting documents. We also had to work during a very strict timetable with specific deadlines therefore enthusiasm had to be a key assistant to finish all of the work. Hobbies of mine don’t just include playing video games of all kinds; swimming is very enjoyable for me as well as well riding a “ripstick” (a skateboard utilising body momentum for acceleration) whenever the chance arises.

My interests are very different from each other and each one utilising a different skill, perseverance, enthusiasm, team work, communication and these are skills that will help me greatly in my time, not just in university, but also in the modern world of work where you, as an individual have the task of standing out above the crowd to be chosen for the job.

Year applied: 
Computing and IT

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