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My main aspiration is to work within the sphere of a business economics and IT context. I am attracted to this industry because of its interesting area where I want to develop my personal knowledge

Studying AVCE ICT has revealed to me how the world is changing so rapidly as technological innovations are being developed and enhanced so fast. Working in a family business allowed me to gain solid working experience and have developed skills, such as running a small usiness

Information Technology has provided me with an inspiration and realised that there is much to learn in a world where new technology is being developed. I consider studying and working in this division where I have recognised that I encounter many challenges and addressing problem solving scenarios will help me to improve my skills and abilities

Studying AVCE ICT allowed me to enhance many of my personal skills and learn how to use new software, including, creating a bespoke database system for a company. It allowed me to work for someone and meet his or her requirement. We studied artificial intelligence (AI), which made me consider how we know so little and there is so much to learn. This enticed me to discover more about artificial intelligence, which guided me to this path and explore things differently

I have also been selected for the Cisco Networking Programme (CCNA). I was accepted after attending an interview. This course was only eligible to exceptional students, with outstanding attendance and punctuality also up to date with their college work.

This course helps me to understand the functions of networks and basic operations within various network topologies. I am also studying Microsoft Certified Professional MCP in evening classes. I was required to sit an exam for this course; this course teaches the basics of Microsoft operating systems and the problem that Microsoft users face day-to-day in modern business organisations

Working for Sainsburys allowed me to learn how to maintain customer satisfaction. Here I also picked up good communication skills, which help me to face any situation at any moment in time.Working in a large and varied environment as a team and to cope under pressure

Furthermore studying 'AS' Communication allowed me to develop further my language skills and gain confident amongst other people. I have also gain knowledge of how to use my time appropriately and work to a tight deadline. I learn how to develop my language skills and how to use appropriate verbal communication skills in situations

I enjoy sport, such as cricket and football. Being captain of my school cricket team allowed me to manage a team. My obsession for cricket has stayed with me since I was a kid. I play for West Essex cricket club

Playing pool during my spare time allows me to concentrate and forget about college work.I am currently organising a small badminton club in college.

This is where I have become skilled at managing and leading a small team. Training other people to stay fit at the same time increase me own personal abilities. I enjoy travelling and have travelled extensively country in Europe such as Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

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really good

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Erm. Lots of grammer/spelling errors lol.

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not bad see better

lots of spelling/ grammar

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