Computer Forensics Personal Statement Example 3

My goal is to work for the police in the computer forensic department. Computers are used in everyday life and are becoming more and more popular with criminals. I would like to work in the computer forensic department as I would like a career were I analyze information and use that information to help provide evidence to prove someone innocent or guilty. Studding the forensic computing course will help to give me all the necessary skills and experience to succeed in this career.
Studying BND ICT practitioners has helped affirm my interest in computers and made me realize I want to work with computers in the future. I have been interested in computers for as long as I can remember as both of my parents work with computers. I am interested in doing a sandwich year because this will help me gain experience to help me in the world of work. I would prefer to do the sandwich year with the police as this will give me the relevant experience for my future career.
Being a member of the GLBT (gay lesbian bisexual transgender) group in college helped teach me about how to handle responsibility as I was one of the people responsible for making sure views were heard and the college was doing everything they can to show equality and diversity. During my time in college my tutor organized a trip to a local high school to help them with a business game for their enterprise week I had to learn quickly as the first time I played the game was with the children; I also had to take control and show leadership skills as I was responsible for groups of the children and making sure they played the game properly and know what they were doing.
While in college I was a group leader for primary school children visiting the college. I was assigned to a group of children and was responsible for showing them around the college and escorting them from room to room to their different activities. While they were at the activities I worked with their teacher to make sure the children knew what they were meant to be doing. This activity taught me about good time keeping and team work as I had to make sure the children were in the right place at the right time and also I had to work well with their teachers while in the activity.
I really enjoy taking my pet snake to a local primary school to show her to some of the children. I have to use my research skills to research about snakes and the answers to any possible questions the children may have. I also use presentation skills when I stand in front of the class and talk about my snake. During a recent trip to Wales I really enjoyed kayaking and want to carry on doing it however there is not the opportunity to do so in my local area.
I have really enjoyed the time I have spent at college and have gained a wide range of skills to help me in further education. I am very interested in computers and am looking forward to gaining more skills and developing as a person at university.

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Staffordshire University

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