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The words 'money' and 'business' do not just simply mean cash, but also contain implications of people, trust, management, investment, objectives, strategies, problems, solutions, challenges, failures and successes. My parents have exposed me to the world of business as early as I can remember and this has helped me to confirm my decision to study business related subjects. My parents are both in the construction business; my father is the CEO of his own businesses at home as well as in Vietnam, India and China while my mother is his auditor. My parents and I have often discussed various matters relating to running their business. During my summer holidays after finishing my AS exams, I participated in the business, which reinforced my ideas to become an entrepreneur.

I learnt the importance of communication within the organisation. All the workers used Skype open-conference channel, as well as my parents. Adopting a horizontal organisation structure, where top executives and other employees are at equal levels, everyone can work together, exchanging each other's information and knowledge. Therefore, enhanced accuracy and fast decision-making were possible. I learnt the necessity of having efficient communication skills, the key in the field of human relations management. These communication skills not only boost your confidence dealing with different people and business transactions, but also make a business prosper as well. Furthermore, I felt there was a strong necessity for the proper reward of workers and the importance of providing a better environment, in which employees could work actively.

We discussed how to tackle the problems related to expanding the business, such as foreigner recruitment and organisational behaviour problems. Gathering up all the information for different kinds of media to advertise the newly constructed buildings, and rating each choice were very important aspects of market research. Additionally, I have also participated in a national construction contract bid management. I spent time to elicit a correlation between the past winning numbers and the possible 6 digit numbers to find the correct figure to win, using an excel sheet with my analytical abilities learnt in Statistics 1 from last year.

Through this experience, I realised that, finding flexible solutions and thereby deciding what was best for the company and society, were by far the most important as core objectives of the business. It is my dream to start my own business venture wherein I can carry on the business values based on knowledge passed on by my school and my parents.

Business Studies, as a circular process, emphasises creative problem solving through anticipation and scientific methods based on precise problem recognition, so that the understanding of business is enhanced. With questioning the relationship between cause and effect, it enables the solution of problems which people often encounter. Also, I realised that some important factors cannot be captured as processes, such as human relationships, passions, perseverance, and morals, which are vital to the success of a business. I believe that it is important to study Business Studies as it will provide fundamental knowledge and preparation for entrepreneurship. My name, Jean Son, is a brand in a competitive global society, where everyone is an individual enterprise. I wish to become a top brand and be an expert in my own field with my unique selling point, which distinguishes me from others. I know that time will tell whether I become the leader and not a mere follower of my dreams. I
hope that my university course can help my dreams turn into reality.

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