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Whilst most people have found their subjects of interest earlier on in their life, mine was discovered more recently. I have always found myself intrigued by how entrepreneurs can run an internationally successful business, and how all the economic, social science and management aspects play a part, which is closely related to the subject currently study.

Throughout the short but intensive years of studying psychology I became passionate to learn and understand human interaction further, and how psychology can underpin problems within business practices, which I found is incorporated in the human resources department, with focus on the the effective management of people in a organisation or company, to gain a competitive advantage and efficiency, from a strategic perspective.

Whilst the specific career I want to pursue in the future isn't completely clear to me yet, I am certain about going into management related sector, with a specialisation in either psychology or economics.

After my first year of A levels, I attended work experience at Ofcom Headquarters, where I worked closely with the Human Resources department. Having to work to tight deadlines and schedules taught me how to work independently as part of a professional team.

I learned how in large, and small firms, if one department fails or lacks productivity, the rest of the company may suffer the consequences, and how important worker motivation is.

When reviewing my work experience, I was thinking of ways in which psychology can be incorporated into ensuring the business runs smoothly, so that costumers end up with full satisfaction from the goods/services, as well as improving employees' wellbeing and performance.

One way in which psychology can be incorporated is through reinforcement, a theory discussed by B.F Skinner, praising an employee in front of peers for quality work will make the employees want to repeat that action to also receive praise. Positive reinforcement can also be given in terms of incentives, bonuses, or more autonomy.

Shortly after my week at Ofcom, I began my work as a receptionist at a salon, which I worked as over the summer. I was put in charge of ensuring that everything runs smoothly and arranged the employees daily and weekly schedules.

I worked closely with the manager for the first two weeks, as well as the other receptionist, and they ensured I scheduled breaks and only put in a certain amount of clients per worker, to ensure everyone's well being is taken care of, whilst also maximising efficiency in the work place.

In economics I've learned about maximising profit and how to ensure the highest revenue with a focus on money and supply/demand, but I never really took into account how much needs to be taken care of within the human aspect of the business. My summer job helped me see this as I was the one in charge and it was an active learning experience.

On top of the A-levels I studied throughout Woodhouse, I attained an external A-level for Polish, where I attended lessons every Saturday morning, trips and extra lectures at UCL closer to my exams exams. Knowing an extra language would be especially useful when pursuing as it would allow me to apply my knowledge and practices internationally, as well as being able to see the contrasting culture.

The jump between my secondary school to college , and having to modify to a professional workplace undoubtedly pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to adapt to various environments.

Moreover, it helped me advance my social and organisational skills due to the fast paced conditions, which I can apply to my university experience.

Overall, I find that the variation of both real world applications and complexity of management strives me further my understanding of the subject, and I recognise that this degree may open up various opportunities in the future.

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I applied for both business psychology and management so I tied to incorporate aspects from Economics and psychology, hope this. helps a bit xx


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