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My most memorable and greatest achievement was my trip to Eritrea and Ethiopia. Being able to grasp an understanding of the nation’s values, beliefs and cultural trends and raise my awareness of poverty within these countries gave me the motivation to make a change. During my trip, I, alongside a team of volunteers, gave the children in the area of Mekelle, new clothing, books, stationary and backpacks. I believe children all over the world deserve a chance at an education, with the right tools to start them off. However, I do want to make more changes in these countries as well as in more under developed countries.

While gaining employment skills within the administration field, I have also gained leadership skills. I have used these skills to lead teams of employees to maximise efforts for the NHS. Having these skills would be very beneficial when starting my own charity to maximise the efforts made to make changes in third world countries. It has given me a sample of what managing a business would be like and has sparked my attraction to learn more.

Working within the NHS has taught me a great deal about what is expected of an individual in an office workplace. It has taught me how to set targets and has assisted in the improvement of my time management skills. This has led to the improvement in tasks being completed in the day. Having these skills have also aided in my daily routine as well as in my studies. This has enabled me to manage my time between assignments in order to complete all on time to a distinction level.
During my time in full time education from secondary school to college, I received many types of leadership roles such as Head of Council and Big sister to the new year 7 students in my final year of secondary school as well as class representative during my time at college which enhanced my understanding of what is expected of a team leader. It gave me my first insight on how to apply myself into this role and aided me with life lessons and understandings for future roles. It was an enjoyable yet education role to play while in full time education. It also motivated me to keep studying so that in the future I would be able to apply myself in job roles as a team leader.
Receiving the chance to do a Business based degree could open many prospects and lead to potential business success. Given this opportunity with my drive for success will push start my career goal and maximise the growth of my business idea for the future. This will allow me to set targets for the change I wish to form.

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