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“Have you decided what you are going to do after you finish high school ?” This is the question every student is asked in the last year of school at least a hundred times from relatives and friends. Most of them cannot answer simply because they do not know what they want to do and this is completely normal, even myself, I do not know where life will get me what my job will be, but I am proud to say that I know for sure I want to study a business oriented course.

I am certain this course will allow me to reach my goal which is being my own boss in the future. I have always been a creative person but in my life I have not been able to succeed on a specific artistic area, I believe this course is the way I might be able to fulfil my creative vocation in a work environment, for instance building my own business and eventually a brand would be my personal goal. It excites me the thought of learning how to create business opportunities from my ideas. Therefore I find really interesting the events area, it allows one to combine creativity and planning to business. Moreover as a curious and openminded person I want to pursue an international path to connect with people from around the world. From my point of view the contact with other cultures, their traditions and practices helps, especially in a business contest, to see the bigger picture and it opens the doors to more business opportunities.

My linguistic education allows me to communicate in five European languages being, French, German, Spanish, English and my mother tongue Italian. These abilities have been useful during my trips where I had the possibility to interact with locals and discover new perspectives and customs, on top of that they are key skills for people looking for an international career.

In February 2018 I had the opportunity to spend three days, at the London based Salesforce’s offices, which is a cloud based software company. During the experience I shadowed part of the Salesforce team of marketing, sales and events, a different department each day. I was able to shadow the employees during their typical day. I was present during discovery calls with C level executives working in marketing and sales. I learned and assisted in the creation of marketing material such as call decks and presentations an thirdly I shadowed the head of salesforce uk events team during the organisation of the Salesforce World Tour 2018, with whom I visited the venue of the event. The experience gave me the basic knowledge for business strategy.

Born in a bilingual region of northern Italy I have always been put in a position where I had to be open to a confrontation and mediation between two different cultures, it allowed me to build valuable skills such as problem solving as well as finding a middle ground.

As for my extracurricular activities I have been active with a volunteering association called “cacciatori di briciole” which literally means “crumbs hunters”. We aim at collecting the food from supermarkets, bakeries and cafes, that otherwise would be thrown away. The food collected is given to homeless and refugees shelters. Matters such as environmental, animal and social issues really concern me, for this reason I hope to never stop volunteering or even better I would love to combine a voluntary activity to my future job. The “crumbs hunters” play a twofold role we help underprivileged people from starving and we fight against the food waste which is a serious issue I witnessed when in summer 2018 I worked In a fast food type of restaurant located in north-west London. Nevertheless it was an eyes opening experience that gave me the confidence and the motivation to leave all I have ever known, to pull the plug that kept me attached to my comfort zone, to pursue my dream.

Every day I try to make the right choices to climb the top of the hill, a step always closer to the reach of my life goals, and I believe this is the right step.

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