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Developments in technology have allowed astounding observations of microcells providing visible proof of previously theorised notions. After my initial use of a microscope I realised that the world was built of unseen cells and that these microscopic cells act as unified communities to construct fully functional organisms. This was the spark of my scientific journey.
Throughout history, development has occurred as a result of challenging what is said to be true. During my GCSEs, I learned about William Harvey who theorised that blood is circulated, completely changing how we look at the human body. Nobody had thought to challenge this before and to go against conventional thinking takes an open mind. Biology is a prime example of needing this mind set, there are many extensions to theories and models where the renovation of my own concepts must occur. Science is always being tested, disproven, and changed, which offers an unlimited capacity for discovery which my current studies are preparing me for.
Mathematics has enhanced my reasoning skills, enabling me to look at challenges holistically, as when solving a mathematical problem many equations and methods have to be integrated together in order to find the solution. The increase in laboratory work in Chemistry and Biology strengthened my technical and analytic skills due to the independent and complex experiments. Psychology has further improved my acknowledgement of the importance of participant's well-being, proving vital whilst carrying out my summer project to provide an ethical sound piece of research.
Studying genetics, we were taught that pre-mRNA is spliced to form mRNA and the importance of your gene sequence, inspiring me to further research into processes like CRISPR; where an underlying protein Cas9 splices specific sections of your sequence creating the possibility to make new drug targets and develop precise disease models is evolutionary in this sector. The prospect of being able to change gene sequences could aid the growth of crops in underdeveloped countries with extreme weather, or a lethal disease could be combated by editing the genes responsible. The potential of gene therapy is endless, and I'd like to learn more about this growing concept.
Attending work experience at the Royal United Hospital gave insight into different departments like pathology, where virus' complex structures were emphasised leaving me captivated and excited to learn more in depth. But more importantly, the dedication shown by every member of staff in elevating a patient's health was heartening. This course offers something that no other course can, the research I will do has the chance to have an extensive impact on a wide spectrum of people.
Participating in activities supporting the year 7s transition from primary school has allowed me to develop into a more empathetic and approachable character reinforced onto my volunteering as an assistant gymnastics coach. After completing the school yearbook independently alongside multiple jobs while studying my time management has greatly improved. Through Volunteer Police Cadets I have been awarded High Sheriff resulting me in representing Wiltshire Police Cadets at respected events.
I am a sports enthusiast, particularly enjoying gymnastics and taekwondo. After sustaining an injury putting me out of all sports it took much resilience to get over the physical and mental block created. As always, devotion and hard work has proven key as I have exceeded my previous fitness levels.
Science is never finished. It's growing and evolving, giving countless opportunities to explore the world around us. But also, this course will give me the chance to help people as part of the research backbone, where I can improve and apply my skills to facilitate the development and application of future medical advancement.

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