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Accounting and finance personal statement

This is Ali Hassan and I intend to purse my further studies in the field of accounting. What I think about this field is “Accounting is like Art’. You have to analyse every aspect before making a just decision. I believe that if someone is good at art, he would be good at accounts because you need logic, everything has a set order and method. Each piece is placed carefully and has a high significance amongst its environment. You need analytical skills. Take apart every piece of information and use it to make your own decisions.

I have studied accounts as my own and have developed an interest in it and would therefore like to continue doing so at LUMS. The course that I would like to do at LUMS is Business Accounts or Accounts and Finance. I feel that the two subjects combine well with one another and on many occasions I have founds that my knowledge of one has helped me with the other. Studying Maths has also provided me with logic and a greater understanding of various concepts and methods. I have become more flexible in identifying what concepts need to be used and when, thus, helping me achieve the greatest results possible. I have the ability to pick up skills and knowledge quickly and am independent enough to conduct my own study and research. On many occasions at college I have taught myself various chapters in maths in order to remain ahead of the class.

My main ambition for the future is to become an Accountant Executive or a Financial Advisor. I am hoping university will provide me with an understanding of the business world as well as offering me a wide range of choices and connections after my course.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, swimming, sketching and solving puzzles and logic problems.

I assure you that if provided a chance I will prove myself a promising and committed student.

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This personal statement was written by alih1989 for application in 2006.

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Comment by guest at 00:00 23/08/2006

you need to talk about how your other subjects at AS helped you. also don't list your interests talk about a few in little detail

omg by guest at 20:19 6/10/2006

you totally stole my first paragraph! im minti by the way, the one that wrote the other personal statement!

Comment by guest at 11:04 9/10/2006

I think that u need to expand on interests as u don't sell ur personality

Comment by guest at 11:04 11/10/2006

you have totaly just copied so much from the other example on here!

Comment by guest at 10:05 12/10/2006

personal statements should be unique, not a complete copy of the first one you find on a website!

Comment by guest at 10:56 2/11/2006

I think your personal statement is great. But i feel that the interest & hobbies part needs to be explained a bit more better and in detail. Don't take this as a crticism take it as a chance to improve your statement. It is very good that you are doing an Accounts course.

now why should you copy a personal statement by guest at 13:32 5/01/2007

get a life, be orginal its a shame. You dare ask for our comments, may be all you should do is refer to the comments in the previous example and you will be good to go.

rea by guest at 22:39 31/07/2007

i think its fab

me by guest at 11:13 17/09/2007

well done

Comment by guest at 21:51 17/09/2007

This personal statement is not very good... copy it if you dont want to go to university. Minty this person tried to copy your statement but could not even suceed in doing that. A VERY POOR PERSONAL STATEMENT.

Comment by guest at 18:00 18/09/2007

obviously there will be mistakes, if u copy and paste it, ucas will know. we had a talk about this in our sixth form, this site came up, and quite a few people got rejected cos they just copied and pasted

nah its not all dat by guest at 18:54 24/09/2007

bruv dont copy other peoples work in the future jeez i had jus read the other personal statement n its like a double copy, u should ave come up wi ur own ideas n a one line sentence bout ur hobbies n interest isn't really gonna sell it is it? part from dat its all good

your jkz by guest at 20:06 30/09/2007

this personal statment is totally jkz. 'accounting is like art' LMAO!!!!!!!!MDR!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!

HELP by guest at 15:44 2/10/2007


Comment by guest at 21:05 18/10/2007

you sound confused you need to be specific to as to which subject you want to take up and you dont need to right your name other then that is good

Comment by guest at 21:23 18/10/2007

what unis did u get into?

Comment by guest at 18:50 25/10/2007

I don't want to come across rude but honestly, this is one of the most rubbish personal statement I have read. You havn't explained anything i.e. how any of those things help you. The introduction is crap. Change it. Do not mention your name. Write something and then say how that helps you or what you have learnt from it. If you havn't learnt anything then don't mention it. Seriously change the whole thing. Scrap it. Re write it. AND NEVER, EVER mention a university you want to go to.

Comment by guest at 14:10 28/10/2007

you well bullshitted about u like doing logic puzzels in ur spare time ? which 17 year old likes that ??? com on!

Plagarism!! by guest at 21:05 29/10/2007

Just a quick note to say that this is called plagarism, and if it is carried out at University, it could result in you being thrown off your course! It's OK to look for inspiration, but to copy shows a lack of imagination and individuality, and without this it is unlikely you will succeed at Uni!

Comment by guest at 18:02 3/11/2007

this personal statement is rubbish you just copied the other persons. and quite frankly i think thats sda and urse isnt even good enuf111

LUMS by guest at 14:21 18/11/2007

isn't LUMS uni in Lahore, Pakistan? and btw... this dude wrote this statement like 2 years ago... why are we still comenting on it?!

Comment by guest at 14:20 19/11/2007

u copied this from the other one about "accounting is like art"!!!!!!!!!! the lenghth is shorttttt wtire abit more. oh sos i mean ciopy aboit more frm the others :) :D

Comment by guest at 11:28 14/01/2008

ppl above commenting about u copyin its a shame that they r bein immature about it as i can c u had a bit of struggle wit writing it they dont have a life but point there fingers at others shame!!!!

spelling error by guest at 09:03 26/06/2008

you spelt the word persue wrong in the first lol, UCAS hate spelling errors.

advice....... by guest at 14:45 1/07/2008

look you dont need to write your name in a personal statement that all goes on your application and in your refrences from teachers and write more for your hobbies say how they link in with the subject u wana do at uni x.x.x

Comment by guest at 10:22 10/09/2008

i dont like it i think universities need proper english grammer.

i like this verrrrrrrrrry much by guest at 09:45 19/09/2008

i think it good be statment and i think you get place oxford i like ilike

Comment by guest at 21:32 29/09/2008

not gd enuff fo da top ten uniz, u need to add more like wot av u done eg wrk experience, voluntary wrk etc, and a bit more bout u'reself nt jus bout da subject

eeerrrrrr by guest at 11:32 6/10/2008

are you Foreign or just a retard?

Sorry, you just needed to know that by guest at 22:58 9/10/2008

To be honest you need to consider a lot of things before you send this personal statement. Please do not mention your name because you have filled in a ucas form. Also, do not mention one university in your application or else the other univeristies are certainally not going to accept you. Do not list all your hobbies; say how they have helped you develop the skills which you have today. Please scrap the phrase 'In my spare time' because it sounds too slang-like, no offence. Also, you spelt pursue wrong as 'persue'. I like the part where you compare accounting to an art due to it standing out from the crowd. However, it sounds like your rambling, so change the way you have worded it. Basically, you need to be more time to plan the statement. You could do spider diagrams about each of the skills you have developed. For instance, when you say about swimming say about it helping you maintain good physical fitness levels and it helps you build team work. You sound like a very dedicated student who has come far in life and needs all the support he can get to pursue in life. Believe in yourself and then others will believe in you. I don't mean to offend you, I just want to help you. And to leave you on a bad note, do not plagurise people's personal statements. The univerisities scan through the personal statements on the internet to find plagurism, therefore you won't be accepted by universities.

er...... by guest at 13:45 15/10/2008

sory but i dont understand y ppl are saying this is amazing..... think u shuld rewrite this...

Comment by guest at 12:38 22/10/2008

Hi Ali....I think Your Personal Statement is really fascinating....i am thinking to do the same course,,,but dont actually know what shall i write in mine...well your one helped alot thanks for sharing it......GOOD LUCK!!!

Comment by guest at 16:59 2/11/2008

What a gay!

average by guest at 12:57 3/11/2008

wasnt unique n interesting. accounting like art! come on give me a break.

noob by guest at 10:32 6/11/2008

this personal statement stinks more then sweaty testicles.

UCAS is going to kick his @$$ by Matt at 2008-11-26 23:14:36

lmao this dude used the same friggin' sentences. Guest at 22/10/2008 don't thank him, thank Minti because they gave you the good perspective of an Accounting PS.

Comment by guest at 21:08 17/12/2008

u copied the other example. u should b ashamed of urself

Comment by guest at 01:09 4/01/2009

sorry to say but ali your statement was not have missed alot of things + you went wrong too. you dont have to mention your name or name of the university,2nd thing you were like telling the defination of accounting which is not did'nt mention your future plans u jst said that you want to become a financial advisor. where was the interest and motivation of completing the selected coarse u didnt even talk about didnt said how you can benefit the institution and you didnt showed anything that the managment wil choose you from thousands of short the whole statement waz crap write a new hard feelings but thats what the statement is. and people sayin good are just reading out the english and can surely bet they dont even know what a statement is......

Comment by guest at 01:15 4/01/2009

n yeh ppl stp commenting dis sub ix old 2 years bck

Mindreader by guest at 16:52 18/03/2009

I think the comments are good than the personal statement for someone who wanna try to write his personal statement ya all are stupid too

Comment by guest at 13:00 30/09/2009

dat woz a great help..thanx a lot..coz am strugglin on my..but nw i kinda knw how to start it off! thanks!x

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this is pure shite by guest at 23:23 21/10/2009

seroisuly being an admissions tutor this student does no stand a hope in hell.

Don't fuk with me by guest at 23:26 21/10/2009

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Susan Shaw by guest at 23:33 21/10/2009

I think this is so stupid, that some people think its funny to comment on silly things. Its also very rude and offensive too. Anyway apart from that, I have to say that I feel this statement is very week, it doesn't include any work experience or personal acheivements this particular student has made. Good start though :)

Suson by guest at 23:52 21/10/2009

im jerking off to you as a write. i dnt even know you but, i just no your so naughty and dirty. All this talk just does it for me ja. ooh ja!!

Susan Shaw by guest at 23:54 21/10/2009

Ok, this is too far children. I am completly horrfied by your complete lack of respect for me, the students that use this site and studential. I will be reporting this, as it violates the sexual harrasement act. Your behaviour is disgusting.

I actually am Halarne by guest at 23:56 21/10/2009

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Nico Benn by guest at 12:32 28/10/2009


Comment by guest at 20:47 24/04/2010

YOU STOLE!! and are so daft to actually think that you could post the same thing on the same website you stole from.

Comment by guest at 08:03 29/04/2010

Hi ALI idon't know who r u ? u r statmnt is good but u can improo more and effective and efficient??????????

owned by guest at 16:11 2/08/2010

YOu just owned yourself, that needs improving

Comment by guest at 07:31 15/08/2010

This statement is rubbish. F your Life.

Comment by guest at 20:05 31/08/2010

Dude, u just copied the other example!!!! NT COOL!!!! Also its kinda short and none of ur extra activities r mentioned!!!!!!!!

Comment by british_muslimah at 2010-09-18 14:24:06

dude, not good :/

Comment by guest at 11:37 28/10/2010


Comment by guest at 18:20 24/02/2011

bhenchod kay bachay lums may apply ker raha hai aur dusroon ki copy kerta hai

Stupid copy! by guest at 02:26 29/02/2012

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Comment by guest at 14:48 14/03/2012

wowwwwwyyyy !! that is amazing

This is a joke right? by guest at 02:11 25/05/2012

Is this guy for real? My name is halarn

Comment by guest at 14:35 25/10/2013


Comment by guest at 14:24 10/01/2014

man no offense but u r a dolt