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Applying to Canadian Universities

Why study in Canada?

Why apply for a degree in Canada?

Study in Canada and you can look forward to earning an internationally recognised degree while benefiting from favourable working laws, cheap medical insurance and a varied climate.

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Canadian Higher Education System

About the Canadian higher education system

Learn about the 95 universities which make up the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada and the various degree programs offered at these institutions.

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Choosing a degree

Choosing a degree in Canada

From entry requirements to work experience, teaching style to module options, our guide lists the key factors you'll need to consider when deciding which course to study at a Canadian university.

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Choosing a university

Choosing a university in Canada

Learn how Canadian universities are ranked and the other factors you should also consider to get the most out of your time at university in Canada.

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Applying for a degree in Canada

When should you think about applying to study at a Canadian institutions and how should you go about it?

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements for degrees in Canada

Read about what academic qualifications you'll need to study at your chosen university and other requirements which may affect your application.

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Funding for a degree in Canada

Learn about potential sources of funding for your degree in Canada and what organisations and scholarships are available to help you.

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Visa requirements for a degree in Canada

Find out about the documentation you need to study in Canada, whether you need a study permit, and use our handy checklist to help you prepare your visa application.

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