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Applying to U.S Universities

Why study in America?

Why study in America?

From academic excellence to cutting edge technology - find out why more British students are choosing to study in the USA.

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Higher Education in America

Higher education in America

Learn about the Bachelor degree curriculum unique to the US and understand how the American higher education system works.

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Choosing a university

Choosing a university in America

East Coast or West Coast, and everything in between - we help you decide which university to attend.

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Ivy League

Ivy League universities

The 8 private, East Coast colleges and universities renowned for providing an excellent education and their significant history.

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Choosing a degree

Choosing a degree in America

How and when to choose a subject to 'major' in at a university or college in the USA.

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Applying for a degree in America

Find out about the application process, including when and how to apply to study in the USA.

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Entry requirements

American visas and entry requirements

SATs, TOEFLs and other requirements you'll need to meet in order to have a chance at getting a place at your chosen university.

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Funding for your degree in America

Learn about your options to cover the potential £40,000 tuition fees, living costs and other expenses you'll need to pay to study in the US.

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Documents for studying in America

How, when and where you need to apply for a student visa to be able to study in the US.

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