Swindon College Higher Education Courses

If you're having doubts about attending a large university, have you considered completing your higher education at a college?

There are now many colleges across the UK offering degrees in at least some subject areas.

With tuition fees generally lower than universities, you may be able to save some money and feel more at home in a more intimate environment than perhaps you would on a sprawling university campus.

To give you an idea of what life is like at a higher education college, we take a look at Swindon College - the top-providing college in Wiltshire - and what a prospective undergraduate can expect by taking a course there.

What range of degrees does Swindon College have to offer?

Swindon College offers a wide range of degrees, from HNC level to MA.

These subjects include Sports Therapy, Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Early Years, Construction, Engineering, Business, Photography, PGCE and many more – for a full list please visit us here.

Will I be interviewed if I apply?

This depends on the subject you apply for – some will require an interview but some decisions will be made on the strength of UCAS applications.

How many students will be studying with me on my course?

It will depend on your course, but the current average class size is just 12 students.

Will studying for my degree at a college be cheaper than at a university?

Yes it will – the fees are lower, and, if you already live in Swindon, you also have the added bonus of being able to stay at home which will save money.

Accommodation in Swindon is also very reasonable and is often cheaper than larger cities. Many of the courses are also structured so you can still work part-time.

How much support can I expect to receive from my tutors?

You will receive a lot of support from your tutors – small class sizes mean that each student receives more attention and help from the tutor when needed.

Tutors will also support you with any other problems you may have.

I’m looking to move away from home – is there any accommodation on or near the campus?

Swindon College does not have any halls of residence, but has some private houses which can be rented.

Further to this, Swindon has a good rental market and the college is located in the town centre so transport links are great.

What facilities does the campus provide?

Swindon College’s campus provides all the facilities you will need for your course, including industry-standard workshops.

Aside from this, it also offers a large food court, its own beauty and hair salons, a sports therapy clinic and discounts to the leisure centre next door.

What about the social life?

You will meet plenty of people on your course, and there is a dedicated Higher Education Centre at the college which is only for those studying university-level courses.

This centre has its own bank of computers, as well as sofas, a TV and areas for relaxing.

As Swindon College is so centrally located, it is great for accessing all of the cinemas, pubs, nightclubs and shops in the town.

I’m a mature/international student – can I still apply?

Of course! All applicants are welcome as long as they meet entry requirements. 

International students will need to secure a study visa before enrolling at Swindon College.

How can I find out more?

Visit our website at http://www.swindon-college.ac.uk/higher-education-university-level or call 0800 7312250 to speak to Higher Education Admissions.