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University of Exeter review

Exeter is a very nice and small City, smaller than most towns in the UK.
Exeter *can not* handle a Transgendered person, the university has not developed a good policy on Transgendered rights and if you go to the medical centre on campus, you'll more likely to be told to clear off to see a councillor in order for you to get "fixed" rather than progress on hormones.
Some Good some bad, however these guys mark your papers so if they don't like you's mainly political.
Over priced and hyped, not worth the money for the room they offer you.
Cheesey eighties lack of metal and indy and don't mention the Lemon Grove (aka The Lemmy) it's a school disco, awful beyond comparison, Go there very drunk.
University Security and Bouncers:
Don't trust them an inch and don't think your flatmates will be any help because they won't. Invest in a rape alarm and a baseball bat. The doors are easily kicked in and previous tenants don't exactly look after the doors or the room either.
Open Days etc.
They pick the best students the ones which are more likely to tell you what the lecturers want rather than the truth, take the answers with a pinch of salt.
RAM - Poor bar not worth going to unless getting very drunk
Porters & Cleaners - Potentially your best friend treat them with respect.

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