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I am a hard-working, responsible, friendly girl with a strong passion to pursue a career in primary school teaching. I believe that to become an excellent teacher you must have a desire to assist children in the learning process and this is one quality which I feel I definitely possess.

My initial interest in primary teaching sparked while volunteering in a summer play scheme run by a local charity for children aged 0-8 in the summer holidays of 2009. I found it extremely rewarding to see the look of satisfaction on a child’s face as they completed a piece of artwork, or took part in a group activity knowing that I helped give the children the confidence and ability to do so. Working closely with both the children and the parents greatly improved my confidence, and by the end of the play scheme I found myself singing along to the songs and joining in with the games with as much enthusiasm as the youngsters.

Through my local primary school I have been able to shadow a teacher of a mixed class of year one and year two pupils for two days. I was able to help the children with reading one-on-one, which I really enjoyed. I was patient and understanding while listening to the children read, and helped them with words they found difficult. I also took part in a maths lesson where the children were weighing different classroom objects. I enjoyed having the responsibility of supervising the children while learning, and interacting with different children. I had the responsibility of a group of children at playtime, in which I was required to keep the children entertained and maintain discipline. This experience gave me an insight into the running of a classroom, and reinforced my desire to teach.

In July 2008 I completed a week’s work experience at a pharmacy. I was punctual and professional throughout the week, and was given the responsibility of sorting medications and dispensing prescriptions. I was polite and communicated well while serving customers, and enjoyed working with the other members of staff. At school I participated in many experiences which I felt was beneficial to me in many ways. I was a member of the Anti-Bullying Campaign (ABC), which involved communication and mediation with younger pupils who had been upset by the actions of other students. The ABC required me to be sympathetic, understanding, patient and considerate with the children.

I also took part in Crucial Crew while at school, I worked as part of a team to explain the impacts of cyber bullying to groups of primary children. I also took part in health and safety demonstrations and food safety workshops as part of this experience. During both Crucial Crew and the ABC I confidently made many presentations explaining the projects in a way which primary aged children could understand and were interested in. I created many power-points and posters using a computer, and helped organise short role-plays to demonstrate. I believe that these experiences allowed me to obtain skills which would be helpful to me in a teaching role.

I’ve been a member of many sports teams from a young age both for school teams and outside of the school. I achieved many badges as a swimmer and a gymnast, attended trampolining classes, was a member of Neath Harriers athletic club and I was a member of the school netball team throughout my school life. I am interested in taking part in a coaching course, which would make it possible for me to be able to run a school sports team in the future.

I am a creative person; I enjoy reading books, making jewellery, and baking at home in my spare time. My school art teacher often complimented my artistic talent during my time at secondary school, and I was delighted to achieve an A* at GCSE for my hard work. I am also a computer-literate person. I enjoyed GCSE ICT, achieving an A*and my school’s Award for Outstanding Attainment in ICT. I have carried the subject on to A level, accomplishing an A grade at AS level. I have often helped my two younger cousins who are both primary aged to use the computer, teaching them how to word process documents and how to surf the internet. I love helping them learn new things, and have played a role in their understanding of numbers, letters, colours, reading and writing.

It would give me great pleasure to play a memorable role in the growth of many children. I understand that teaching is a taxing and tiring job, but I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goal of becoming a head teacher. I would be thrilled if I was ever able to achieve this, as I believe I have the personality, confidence, organisational skills and ability to become a resourceful, dedicated, appreciated head teacher.

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This personal statement was written by meldavies for application in 2011.

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This is only a first draft, I would love some feedback?


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Im doing Primary teaching too :)

i love chldren - the work experience showed me that, watching a child grow up is just too coool (mayb the wrong lang)
i think your second para is long split it up
otherwise it was reallly goood - iv wrote similar things gosh wel in terms of my work experiences and interests but how it relates to children ....
where are you applying ?


Amazing Very inspiring, Great to have something to veiw as i was stuck with what to right, Im a New Zealand Student Heading into Primary Education Thankyou!

Omg! I am wanting to go into

Omg! I am wanting to go into Primary Teaching & I think this was the best Personal Statement I have read till date. Wonderful

seriously this is the most

seriously this is the most inspiring ps ive read in my life even my mentor cannot get me to do such a good ps cos hes nt dat clever but this is one :D statement! :)

Thanks for sharing :)

Wow this personal statement has really got me thinking, and has put a few new thoughts in my head as I am currently writing a personal statement with an aim of getting into primary education ultimately. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing

Well written!!
This is inspiring. I was stuck up, not making any progress with my effort to write my personal statement

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