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I am applying to study within the education department because I have a keen interest to work with younger children and pursue a career as a primary school teacher. I believe primary school teachers are extremely important as they support children through their first experience of going to school, giving them their first insight into education. I believe Primary school teachers can have a very positive impact and become a memorable role in children’s life.

Being the youngest child within my family, I rarely encountered children younger than me apart from at school, until 2010 when my cousins began to have children, this is what initiated my interest in younger children, I would jump at any opportunity to see and care for them, playing and looking after them seemed to come naturally, it was amazing to watch how quickly they developed, and nothing could beat the feeling of seeing a child conquer a new skill and knowing you helped them reach a new milestone.

In 2014 I was able to gain further insight into what it would be like to work with children, as I completed two weeks’ work placement at Tudor Court Day Nursery allowing me to see all areas of working with children aged 0-4yrs, although it was only two weeks I was able to independently motivate groups of children whilst working alongside them to assist them in their learning process.

For additional experience, I worked at Little Stars’ Day Nursery over Summer 2016, each day I turned up on time and remained professional whilst taking the time to build relationships with the children and staff. My time at the nursery was extremely beneficial as I was able to work with groups of children, using my creativity and confidence to come up with and complete various activities with the children. This gave me an insight as to what it would be like to cater and care for a group of child of differentiating abilities, reinforcing my desire to teach as the older children within the nursey were due to start school in the September.

I have experience with children of Primary school age as I have been caring for two children aged 5 and 10 since October 2015, this children has proved that I am responsible as I am the sole career for them from when I pick them up from school until their parents return home, it also has given me the opportunity to further access what it would be like to work with primary school children as we regularly complete their homework, allowing me to see some of the activities a Primary school teacher teaches.

The Subjects I took at A- Level have enhanced many of my skills, by taking four subjects at A-level and working, it has engaged and improved my organisation skills. Taking Film Studies taught me to delve deeper into the meaning and reasoning for things, which not only do I feel is a good life skill, it helped me to improve my analysis and assessment skills. Film studies also largely improved my creativity and my research skills.

Philosophy and Ethics A- Level also helped improve my skill of assessing, but helped more so to applying the assessment to real life situations, rather than films. It also aided me in my essay writing skills and my written communication. Studying Health and social care enabled me to independently research into the role of Primary school teacher, improving my knowledge of the job role, and accessing¬¬¬ my suitability for the role which only furthered my interest in becoming a Primary school teacher myself.

Throughout my time at school one subject I have always enjoyed is maths, which is why I took it as an A – Level, it has furthered my maths skills and made my aspiration of specialising in maths more certain.
I’m a confident friendly person, which has been essential whilst working at Tesco’s, I also have developed good communication skills which has really helped whilst helping the Year 9’s at Breakfast club.

I have a variety of different hobbies that I look forward to continuing whilst studying my degree, including caring for animals, of which I have two dogs and three cats. I also enjoy cooking, especially experimental cooking which is a skill I developed during GCSE hospitality, I enjoy the challenge of throwing random ingredients together in order to see what works and what doesn’t. in my spare time, I like to read, when things get hectic picking up a book is just the right thing to take my mind of things and escape into the world that the book is creating.

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