Teacher Training Personal Statement Example (Primary PGCE) 9

Education is defined in its broadest sense as any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. This statement has etched an indelible and deeply profound mark on my recent career choices and philosophy.

The catalyst of my ambition to become a primary school teacher is built upon a wealth of knowledge earned during a fifteen year career in applied information technologies. A substantial responsibility of any competent admin is the required ability to teach complicated, often aberrant subjects, to a varied and unpredictable audience.

I have two daughters, and I recount with unapologetic parental enthusiasm, accounts of their own exuberant tales of academic success. It was the combination of my adulthood experiences and the joy of teaching my own young girls that enforced the realization that I enjoyed the challenge and responsibility of education.

I took a voluntary role as a teaching assistant at my local primary school. Here I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. In the classroom I have learnt to communicate effectively, emulating the methodology of the staff and observing the responses of the students. Taking note of the invaluable feedback from the staff and students, I have built upon my capabilities and feel prepared for the academic journey ahead.

I believe an exceptional teacher understands that education is more than the sum of its parts; greater than the pursuit of academic excellence and knowledge. An exceptional teacher can make an impact that extends far beyond the reach of the arbitrary boundaries of the classroom walls. As individuals, we are endowed with the capacity and capability to make a difference. As educators, we become fundamental to this process. Trusted to direct and shape youthful, malleable young minds; providing a safe harbour for the growth of individuality, opinions, courage and conviction.

Outside of higher education, I maintain an active interest in modern technologies and classical sciences. This is part of a greater need to maintain an important balance of academic, financial and social commitments. I have a close circle of friends and colleagues, many of them pursuing their own academic endeavours. We often meet in the quiet corners of a local coffee shop to discuss eclectic subjects from philosophy to pop-culture.

Academically, I am dedicated and resolute in my desire to be successful. One of the principle regrets of my youth was the failure to recognise the importance of education. I have discovered a love of the classroom not only as an educator but as a student.

For me, a degree in Primary Education is the next logical next step in a career dedicated to captivating and engaging the hearts and minds of children; bringing the tangible experience of a professional career and the benefit of a university education to the modern classroom.

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